Is using too much “I” wrong?

A friend pointed this thing out to me that I use a lot of “I” in my messages I use. Let me quote his message for you

“just read ur txts… its all ‘I don’t’ and ‘I feel’ everything is from your perspective.. if everyone starts seeing things frm their perspective, u knw wat’ll happen.” 

Now I have never really thought about this before, but when you come to think about it, YES maybe I do use it a lot now! I never use to before! This I know for a fact.

It was always about the other person, it was all about being nice and sweet! But now not so much anymore! Reason! Because sometimes you just have had enough of  it people!

You always tend to get hurt this way, or at least I have! So Some times yes, you do feel like being all “I come FIRST! ” and when I do that, you can think of me as a self-involved person as much as you like!

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