The Youth Parliament: Reviews on the First Impression!

Let me break the news people, although I have my doubts how many of you out there are actually reading it. But I have been selected as an MPA for Sindh Assembly for the Youth Parliament! And I have to tell you it was simply exciting.

I have always had an interest in Politics… I mean I come from a family in which for the longest of time we only had one picture in our house, and that too of Karl Marx. So I guess my political views are clear to you all now.

We went for the first ever session of the Youth Parliament completely unaware as to what was to be expected out of the whole program and what was to be expected out of us. Once there for the program on the 23rd of April 2011, due to began at 10:00 am and delayed for at least an hour, things started to look to me just as blurry as the state of our country at the moment.

The First Ever meeting of the Youth Parliament, Sindh Assembly

The itinerary for the day consisted of Elections, Oath taking ceremony, Cabinet Selection and Oath Taking and lunch! We had absolutely no idea about the elections or how the parties were to be formed, but it turned out that the campaign session for the election was in full swing all over Facebook to which I was completely oblivious. But i guess we are the youth who are all ready to bring a revolution about through the internet! 

Anyways, the Youth Parliament has two houses, Nationalist and the Liberals. As we had not received the manifesto, the decision had to be made pretty quick. But the decision for me was made by just one clause “Religion being the influencing factor in the Nationalistic Party”.

As already mentioned about my Political views, I think it is clear enough that I took up the side of the “Liberal” Party. Now in the start, the 4 other people from my university department, who were also selected, sided with the Liberal Party. But by the end of it all, 3 of them were with the Nationalist! There reason being that they felt that there were more educated people were on that side!

Anyways, the “voting” begins, and I will tell you I had my doubts that the Liberals would win, but at first glance it actually did seem like we can win this.. and then the votes came in. The liberals won the house with 76 seats! With less than 10 women in it!

And then I heard one of the most astounding sounds ever of my life…. the beating of the tables! I promise yu everyone, you would never hear a voice that can go inside your skin and make you feel like you have just conquered the world. I guess it is the mixed feeling of having to achieve something and then listen to that astounding roar of the tables that just combines to form an unexplainable emotion!

However, I really hated the inferiority complex that was on display there! Lots of people avoided using Urdu, and preferred English – a medium in which they were clearly not comfortable with – but still! I mean, still we need to be dealing with these stigma’s… This is just sad!

But one of the things that really hit me hard enough to open someone’s skull was the lack of appreciation of what a great opportunity this was! I mean we have come here and given this chance to bring a change and instead what I get to hear are girls sitting behind me putting on display their ignorance about this platform and anything concerned with it!

More updates to keep coming!

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