A modern day love story!

Did anyone see that movie Love ajj kal? Well consider this post a sequel to that movie. This is not my story, but was shared with my

Love Ajj Kal Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com

by a friend, and happens to be the love story of his brother.. well a pretty unsuccessful love story!

And this is how it goes….

They met online, and talks between them come closer and closer, until love had taken over both of them. The distance melted away, and they started to make their visits frequent….He lived in Karachi, She was in Islamabad!

The love affair lasted for around 8 years. I am not too big on the details.. but I guess that like every relationship, they must have had their ups and down!

But alas! This was not to be! The girl was diagnosed with cancer! And is now counting her final days! The guy at this point decided that he wanted to marry her!

But the girl refused! Probably not wanting to tie the guy down!

Now till this point the story is great!

Here is the modern, insensitive twist!

The guy is getting married in this September to some other girl! He has not met her, but was chosen for him by his family!

Now by all means the guy should go on living, but the love of his life is still alive! As soon as I heard this story, I kept thinking about

Autumn in NewYork Source: galot.eu

how painful it must be for that girl!

I mean not only is she dying… but she gets to be hurt furthur by this wedding!

Don’t get me wrong! I don’t know what happened between the two of them, and what

they decided… but this is just so sad!

I mean this could have been another “Autumn in New york“, but instead its just plain Inde “Kal ho na ho“.

It;s just said, Isn’t it? I mean when you think of Love Stories, you always think of happy endings.. but hey that’s the difference between life and fiction right!

So much for fairy tales!

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