“Is life really that complicated as we make it out to be?”

“Is life really that complicated as we make it out to be?”

That was the question asked to me by a friend of mine. I really didn’t have an answer to this question, although it did make me remeber something a school friend of mine once remarked.

She said, “I feel like nowadays me get ourselves bothered with far too many things.. relationships, boyfriends ( you people remember high school), while I look at these other girl (the nerds) and I really feel that the options that they have chosen for themselves tends to leave them more at peace.”

Welcome Folks to Modern Life! Source: dinmerican.wordpress.com

But you see, I believe that the modern world has got complicated.In the modern world, you are required to think on your toes, come up with solutions right there and then!

Things are far too complicated everything is multi-layered, and then you are always connected, meaning that you never have space or even a minute to yourself, to just think or run away. You are expected to be connected all the time!

I remember once how a teacher of mine had commented when we told him that a particular student couldn’t be reached in the short time about the extra class, since she wasn’t a regular email checker or had a phone.

Now people this was a time when cell phone was still a necessity, and not a luxury that everyone had or was meant to have.

The teacher odd reply, “It is highly unacceptable that in these modern times such excuses would still be accepted to work.”

So ya, no space! You have to be connected all the time. And when you are connected all the time, you can’t think. When you don’t think, you make stupid mistakes. When you make stupid mistakes, they come to bite you in the ass.

And then to make things worse, you have people who don’t understand that the world is getting complex, so they are just stuck there in some parallel dimension. And they just don’t seem to understand you and the way you are acting, and THIS JUST GETS SO MUCH MORE FRUSTURATING FOR A PERSON WHO IS ALREADY LIVING A VERY COMPLICATED LIFE!



So yes dear friend, the world has gotten complicated, and we have yet to catch our breath to be able to understand how to untangle it.

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