Cyber-Abuse .. is that a word even?..If not, then it should be..

It seems like that nowadays all sorts of weird happenings are happening to me… ya ya .. I know I am giving into the victim mentality.. but I really don’t give a damn right now.

I was cyber-abused yesterday.. now I don’t know if that is even a real world. and if it is not then it should be.. A guy messaged me on FB….and he is being all nice… oh no wait.. let me copy paste it all for you here

HIM: knock knock 😛
ME: whose there?
HIM: I m a captain planet 🙂
ME: are u kidding me..
HIM: what makes u think that i m kidding 🙂
ME: lamest reply ever
HIM: well i m ali from karachi
ME: varda here
HIM: kool.. hey add me up on facebook
ME: no.. i dont know you! and i m not very keen on adding strangers
HIM: ok .. i m sorry
ME: so who r u
HIM: I m ali .. I m a software developer living in karachi and i m 26 years old.. and how abt u ?
ME: student of architecture.. 24.. workin on my thesis. how did u find my profile
HIM: randomly selected you ..
ME: how lucky are my stars
HIM: i m cancer and ur star : cancer too right 😛
ME: yes 🙂
HIM: koool 🙂
ME: so what are u into
HIM: Developing 🙂 and you?
So at this point, he adds me up on FB, and I add him.. I mean we have had some conversation… and then he starts getting fresh.. Let me quote some of the chat we had yesterday…
” You were so slim back in 2008.. but now your pictures are so chubby…”
Remember people, this guy is on limited profile and he can only see the most general of my pictures.. I am very serious about my privacy…
After a while, I am offline from FB… and I get a text on my cell “GOT YOU :P” .. the frankness of the messages prompts me to ask who is this.. and it turns out it is my “my new friend” who got my number “from my Facebook”…
Apparently when you turn on FB mobile, there is an option of putting your number on your profile… I wouldn’t have even realized my number is on display if the jerk had not bothered to message me..
So I run to my profile and uncheck the stupid setting…after I have had enough.. so I block the asshole.. and then starts a string of threats… You know the usual that a guy can throw in the girl’s direction..
” If you don’t unblock me, it’s not going to be good for you… you are the one who is going to responsible for the consequences….Screw you B****..Fuck you….blah blah blah…”
He then said that he had some of my pictures and that he is going to use them.. well go ahead.. and then you would see yourself arrested.. I mean what does he think… I am one of those girl who is going to come back begging for mercy… JERK!
I haven’t bothered with the guy.. oh by the way.. I promised myself last time that I would name the jerk who would do this again to me.. No more Miss Nice Gal..So the jerk’s name was Tayyab Ali… Studies from IBA or so his profile said…
Anyways Good Riddance..

One thought on “Cyber-Abuse .. is that a word even?..If not, then it should be..

  1. xDD lol you did the right thing he was being an asshole, who the heck threatens people after getting blocked seriously this guy was being annoying
    coming from a pakistani

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