Retelling the tale of my Friend!

A friend of mine retold an interesting set of events that happened to him just the other day. I have decided – and let him know – that I would be retelling this story. Therefore people, here is what happened to him the other day.

Yesterday that is on 7th April 2011, my friend was taking pictures of a park near his house, which is in the area of Garden. His bike was parked outside, and this photography session was in line with his thesis topic.

As per the current trend, the park has been hijacked by a certain political party – let’s just call them the Sathi group – and within seconds, they were behind my friend, and had pinned a gun to this back, and their main concern was simply, “to which party did he belong to”.

From there he was taken to the Union Council of that area that apparently falls under 167 or something – and taken in a room, which was lined with weapons. My friend was able to get out of this mess by using his cunningness, and the contacts and help of some friends. Still they refused to return his memory card, even after they broke it, reason being that they wanted to make sure that he didn’t take any wrong pictures.

The most amazing thing for me in this incident was – after the open display of weapon within the Union Council office – was the claim that they made to scare my friend off. They claimed that my friend should be relieved that they are letting him go alive, otherwise they would him shot him too, just as they shot two other people only the other day.

When his stubbornness didn’t subside, he was told to come back at 8 pm, and at that time, he found everything closed. He then called up a contact that his father had given him, his father himself being quite an influential man in the area with respect to his community. That contact – quite a prominent member of that party within that area – invited him home, where once again, the weapons were on display, and wine was plenty.

The point of retelling this story had been simple. These things are no secret to anyone; everyone knows this is happening, and everyone knows who is doing it. However, the uncertainty of how to deal with people who are in power by the law agency and the Federal government themselves has meant an open rein for these extremist of the other sort.

Using parks and amenities as your playgrounds, using the offices of Government degree as your personal armory, is not only affecting the other ethnic groups, but is in a fact the very cause of these target killings.

There is open war on the streets of the city, and things just don’t appear to be getting any better anytime soon.


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