What to do when a friend gets a GF?

People, I have had a pretty simple rule for most of my life.. and now let me take this opportunity today to share it with you. The rule for always has been


Yes, I realize that there would be many of you out there ready to come to put your case against this statement of mine… I mean you and this certain friend of yours have been such good friends despite you/her having so many relationships..blah,blah,blah…. but well I really don’t care for your opposition.

My experiences have told me from time and time again that it is the worst.. no correct that… THE MOST WORST IDEA .. that you would ever get in your life.

And the two times that I decided to throw this rule of mine out of the window and continue being normal.. and avoiding caution.. with my friends who have recently gotten “their own life” has serious been a disaster.

Take the events of today shall we? I ran into this great friend of mine.. I mean i hadn’t seen him for two weeks because he is now working and the last two Saturdays because of unavoidable circumstances we were just not able to meet each other. but today apparently he gets off of work early.. and if I was smart enough I would have taken the fact that his girl.. who also works.. is also hanging out around the university as any hint, I might have avoided a confrontation.. but alas.. I m not that smart. and  I didn’t get the hint.

but lets back up a little and let me tell you the whole story in its most minimal version .. 

Picnic .. two-week ago… I couldn’t go… too sick too much work…. I don’t go… result: PISSED FRIENDS…. thinks friends will understand.. friends gf comes online and talks to me about the picnic.. have had enough till then of friends acting like assholes about me not going to the picnic.. tell the gf that I saw the pics.. looked like you guys had fun.. she teases.. I reply “I don’t really care for your stupid picnic”.. make sure to make a smiley face in the end… the gf tells the bf/my good friend.. he messages me “so stupid picnic huh”…. yes.. get mad abt gf being a jerk and telling something insignificant to the bf… tell the bf to go and F*** himself and his girl… NOTE” THE SAID GF WAS MY FRIEND BEFORE BEING THE GF OF THE FRIEND…. friend takes offence apparently…

And we come to today when I run into him,,,and it is clear now that he is pissed about it.. so he tells me to go and F*** myself.. and then I get pissed.. I mean dude just cayuse u have a girl now doesn’t mean you get to be ass now.. I mean she was my friend as well.. and whatever I said to you.. I had already said to her.. her justification? They were all trying to pull my leg.. well congrats hon.. you pulled it good.. that’s why I cursed back… now learn to deal with ppl whose leg you are trying to pull!


CONCLUSION: A GF = Confusion in any Relationship.




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