Egypt – Is rejoicing really in order?

I had followed the events of the last one month with a keen interest – first the overthrow of Ben-Ali in Tunisia and then the “Egyptian Revolution”.

I remember reading a status on FB which read “what unfolds …is not just an egyptian revolution….but an Arabian one” and I really thought that this was to become a reality soon enough. And there were signs to believe this!

Protest started in Yemen, Algeria and Bahrian, while many others have been organized as people brace themselves to initiate the process of “change”.

Egyptian Revolution - Real Change or not?

I watched the speech of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and waited for news of his resignation to come – a deja vu of the time when President Musharraf announced his resignation in 2008.

What could only be labeled as bad advice by his ad visors, he refused to resign, only to stumble under the immense pressure that gathered after his speech, and finally giving in.

Reports came in of how people were relieved and celebrations were taking place in the Tahrir Square as people danced and celebrated freedom from a one man show of almost 30 years.

Now I know that it is a great feat to be able to throw someone out like this, but what needs to be asked in all seriousness is, Was this revolution successful?

As far as I can see and say, the answer is NO! for I believe that what has taken place last night in Egypt is nothing more than a change of face. From one army man, Hosni Mubarak – the powers have now been shifted to the army, under the guidance of Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, the defense minister and commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Just like in 1981 after the assassination of President Anwar El Sadat, Hosni Mubarak told hold of the reins.

A democratic move would have been that the powers should have shifted to the vice – president and under his surveillance fresh and transparent election should have taken place? But that has not happen.

It was a senior Egyptian military official which announced to the protesters through local media that, “All your demands will be met today”, after the speech by Mubarak Hosni, which to me, implies that deals and negations had taken place.

No sincere change has come, and the army is just a change of face. Also, it needs to be considered, that if such a revolutionary change had taken place, with the entire toppling of the government taking place, would the Egyptians have the qualifications and the people to take hold of the system and to amend it?

For the time being, all eyes are on Egypt and the wait is on to see if history would define it as a success or a lost cause!

2 thoughts on “Egypt – Is rejoicing really in order?

  1. You’re right about the facts actually but the moment was all about rejoicing. Just think for a while, if the people hadn’t done all what they did, would Mubarak ever have stepped down? No. The people took action and they were rewarded. What has changed is that there is ‘hope’ now. They look forward to something now. I don’t think that Pakistan has had a scum like Mubarak. Musharraf cannot be compared with him.

    p.s. Nice blog btw!

    • I agree with you… the moment was about rejoicing.. but I think that in that moment of rejoicing there has occurred a lapse of error in the thought process.. but I agree with you… the revolution has given hope to a lot of people and nations.. and hopefully it will bring about a serious change for the better.. at least now the Egyptians people know their own strengths…

      P.S Thanks for the compliment about the blog.. much appreciated

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