I need a break …

…For as long as I can remember, I have hated the idea of fitting into a routine. The same daily life, the same waking up in the morning, going to work or university and then back home and diving into more assignments, only to go to bed and start the thing all over again!

I always promised myself that I would not let myself get sucked into such an existence, but alas! That was not to be! And therefore this sunday, me and a few of my friends with a similar point of view headed out for fun and a much-needed break!

This break took place at a place called “Sunheri Beach” and people it was a sight worth watching. I loved it! IT was beautiful and pretty and had boats and water, and as long as a place has boats and water, believe me, it is going to work for me! Throw in seafood, and I am water in your hand!


Sunhera Beach... Boats and water, all I need for a good life!

The day was great, it was the perfect light, with perfect moods and lots of laughs and nice food, and some wonderful great friends.

These sorts of breaks are a must for me. I mean I need a change every now and then or otherwise I just can’t seem to get things together.

Anyways looking forward to more of such trips! Thanks friends! Love you all!

More pics below!



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