Maid and Us – an evolving relationship!

Never before did i think that it is possible to have a maid as a status symbol! But apparently it is!

We have never been the family that stresses too much about the maid and keep looking and following it stressing till the last spot of dust has been removed; we have never been the family that keeps firing one maid after the other until they find the one that fulfills treats their own house like their first born!

This is how it has worked for us. The maid comes in on the first day; she is taken through the duties that she is suppose to do! Her time is usually fixed according to our whims, which is usually at 9, when we are all fast asleep and she does her work without getting in our faces and leaves… anything that needs to be complained about her lack of care for our house is transmitted to her the next morning!

We had the same maid for over 10 years and when she left, it was like we had been completely abandoned… we were lost for so long, we didn’t trust anyone else to take care of our house for a  long time, there were a few rebounds but they just didn’t work!

And finally came Maid T in our life.. and she was a status symbol! She was the most desirable maid on our neighborhood, and whoever had it was looked at with awe and envy! and boy! did we love this fact!

She was everything that was said about her and more! She cared for our house like a child, and she spoilt it and us in the process.. we went steady for almost 4 years or something like that….

And then the inevitable happen! She got married! and then she left us! And once again we were in limbo!

There were periods when she would return but it never lasted and she left us for one reason or the other!

But then we found her! Maid M! For years we were after her, and now we finally have her! Ofcourse we are bending way over backwards to accommodate her and her wishes!

She has declared that she doesn’t like dusting the house! And not one of us dare argue with her! She said that she will come at a time that suits her, but did we argue .. no Sire! Even though no one of us is home at that hour! But as I said we are bending over backwards for her!

But thus that is the importance of a good maid in Karachi! And this has been our story of our search for the one!

Hope this one sticks around!

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