Shaheed Salman Taseer!

I always hated this compulsion of ours as a nation to define anyone who might have died even in the most ridiculous of circumstances – a nazim dead, a person coming under the wheel of a bus, Target killing – as Shaheed! It was just one more label, but I guess it really comes home when a person who truly deserved this label is being banished from all directions in to an “infidel” who is simply not worth this honor. Isn’t it ironic that he was the son of a man who led the funeral of Il’m-ud-din!

Half an hour into the news being cast on the news to the weary hours of the morning when I finally turned the TV off, he had been converted from a politician of the stature of Indira Gandhi to another statistics that would be compiled at the end of the year to show the loss that we as a nation have suffered!

Every show that aired itself with Salman Taseer as the main topic whose its words wisely, every speaker on these show chose their words wisely. They all started with “Yes it has been a great loss on a humanitarian level…. but….”! Groups have been made up to honour the death of Salman Taseer, the cyber space was filled with voices from both rejoice and frustration, and among all this, was the fear that this would only act as encouragement, and from now on we need to be more careful!

As a liberal, it becomes your responisbility to listen and let other speak even if it makes you puke your guts out! So really I can’t piss at any of the sick minds out there making these groups and saying such words, but it makes me wonder didn’t one of them have the compassion to let the family of Salma Taseer grieve in peace without having these sort of words being thrown at the deceased!

A man who dared to voice out in front of the world that the Blasphemy Laws are “Black Laws” – another proof af the profanity of one man – we the liberals who pretend to be such supporters of his cause could do nothing more than to come up with  a vigil in the safety of the Press Club – making sure that this demonstration of support is covered by everyone! They would light their candles and would have left in half an hour, and no one except for the Press Club and some curious employee bored of his day’s work in the Lakson Tabocco building would have known that this man has been honored!

Talks of conspiracy of the ISI among the already paranoid Left and Liberal Circles will begin! And that would be the end of it all!

A fanatic ex-nazim in some Tehsil puts a prize up on Salman Taseer’s head, is arrested for this and is realized in a few hours because people protested against his arrest! THOSE INSANE VOICES MADE MORE SENSE, HAD MORE IMPACT THAN OURS!

Another fanatic group – Ahle-Sunnat – says that we should not grieve his death! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

These are ridiculous times!

This is the end of all the sane voices out there! And we can’t even honor them right!

Shame on us! Shame on me!

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