The ending of yet another year!

The year is almost over! It’s done with.. and as a human this is as true a confession can get about how I have spent this year!

As a mere human, I have spent this year dwelling in whats to come, and whats been left behind forever and ever to which there is no turning back.

I have made mistakes and failed, I have taken risks and succedded, I have rejoiced in my friends happiness, and have been hurt by what I saw around me.

I have found new friendships, while found an even greater support system within the old friendships that I have carried on with me for years.

I found that the perspectives that I have had about people are not always true and every now and then they require to be revisited, evaluated, and changed for the better or for the worst.

I have broken promises and gotten mad at other for breaking theirs!

I have fought with friends and cursed them only to find out that they are the best friends that anyone can ever have!

I have met new people, discarded a lot of them, and flourished wonderful friendships with a few!

I have also learnt a lot! About myself, about life!

I have learnt that everything takes it time! That every hurdle doesn’t necessarily means failure!

I have learnt that I CAN!I can do whatever I want, whatever I put my mind into!

I have come to terms with a lot of things too!

I don’t trust people! Thats just how it is!

And as the new year begins to roll in, there is hope that I woul learn a lot more! I would learn to handle tihngs more maturely!

I would finally be able to stick with a practical New Year’s Resolution List!

And most importantly, I would try to make more sense for myself and others! Cause I know that right now I am just blabbing away!

Well I needed to blow steam! And this is how I do it … on my blog!

I think I am done blowing steam for the day!

Ya Done!

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