Of my dad and me!

Since I was a kid, comparisons have been drawn between me and my mother, and how we look alike, how I have all of my features. But when it came to habits, i was usually related to my dad’s family! But listening to my dad yesterday, I realized I am more like him!

He was revisiting old memories of his days with his only boss that he had in his life Khan Sahab, a character in my imagination that is tall, white, bald wearing a sherwani! But I think its time to readdress that memory with some reality! We have some pictures of him! I need to go and check them!

So he was telling me this story, and the end of it was something like how his boss said that if Nisar (my dad) was wrong he would ask for his resignation, which he was sure enough that he would hand out in a moment to me without any hesitation! He didn’t need to ask my dad for such a thing! My father was right.. the other guy was fired right there and then!

His boss later told him that it was because he knew my dad’s psyche and therefore could conclude that my dad would never do such a thing! He told many stories – Khan sahab that is – to my dad to prove his observations were right! His conclusion was that my dad was independent, not the one to seek anyone’s help unless everything is on the verge of going to hell, strong-minded!

I don’t know if its him seeing too much of himself in me or none at all, but sometimes you can sense that they hate the very things that  you have gotten from them. Sort of like hating your guts or something!

But well, let this be a new series that I start called “Stories from my Parents”… In detail archive of their stories to be made here! And don’t doubt me when I say that they are just stories .. not morality lessons!

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