Things I keep learning about myself

See every single day is a new experience for me…. You see I am wonderful joy ride, and since I am so interesting there is always something new about me that I keep discovering …..Note to the world: I am not a self absorbed narcissist!

So here is a list of things that I can actually recall about myself at the moment and is now on display:

  1. I hate to wait: I have always hated this.. since as long as I can remember! I hate waiting for a car to come if I am free early, I hate waiting for the bus to come, for the person who is suppose to pick me to finally show up, for something exciting to happen, for a plan to finalize for a get together, or a secret finally to be revealed, for things to take their due course….. Anything and everything that could possibly come in this category!  I simply hate waiting!
  2. I hate ice-creams: This has been a pretty recent change in me. I have just stopped liking ice-creams! I hate them now! And I even hate it further when people push you to have it or give you that “How – in-the-world-is-something-like-this-possible! ”
  3. I love animals, as long as they don’t come close/try to jump/rub themselves around my legs:This is a phenomenon restricted to animals that I have not become comfortable with, which

    Well, I couldn't find a better image to suit this post!

    basically means that I can touch their fur and all, but they are not allowed to come, which basically means that it includes all animals excluding my turtle.

  4. I get scared of a particular task that I do after a long time:Take an example of this! I sat on a plane after a long time, and I was scared shit. Every jerk of the plane was taken as a way to validate my thought that this plane will crash, even after we hit the runway, I was sure that at least the tyre would burst! But on the return flight, I was so so chilled! No tensions nothing! And the other day when I took the pedestrian bridge, I was sure one of the steel plates would fall off, although I have taken a pedestrian bridge a gazillion times! But on the way back I wasn’t!
  5. I really don’t care much for taking a shower:Ya, I am lazy! So I might just skip it for a day or two! 
  6. I can get obsessive tantrums about something: Sometimes I just need to have to have that one thing that I get stuck on! and then there is nothing that anyone can do about it, except to wait for me to forget it! This something can be anything from a song, to food, to just an idea that gets stuck in my head!
  7. If I don’t listen to music for a very long time I get depressed:This discovery I made about myself a few months ago! You see what happens is that there used to be considerable period of time when I used to go without listening to music, and then ultimately I used to get grouchy! But magically then I used to listen to music, and instantly I get energized and revitalized! But ti took me a while to make this connection!
  8. I am a shoe/bags/rings/earrings/cooking utensils person:Ya that I have known since a few years as the tomboyish streak in me reduced a notch! It now means that I love stressing over these items. Cooking Utensils is a new craze however, heightened only after the discover I made that I actually love cooking!
  9. I love shopping: Do I really need to say more!
  10. I hate people buying jewelery for me:NO offense , but they just don’t understand my taste, and at the end of the day I am stuck with something that I don’t need, have no room to keep, and which I can’t throw away cause its a gift!
  11. I hate THE GAME: Ya, by that I mean the whole flirting game.. I hate that! Don’t get me wrong. I love the game, its a fun game! But eventually its a waste of time! I would rather just cut to the chase and get it over with! So ya I hate the game!

So ya this is so far what I have come to conclude about myself ! More postings will follow more discoveries!

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