Been wanting to write for long….

..but some how I just could not make myself sit down and write it all down. It could be the keyboard’s fault ( I love this new one) or the fact that not indulging myself in music at full volumes every few weeks make me go weird, or it could simply be that I just didn’t know how to verbalize my thoughts about the topic which I have wanted to write for a while. But whatever the reason be, here I am! And I am typing away!

Karachi is becoming a very unpredictable city. it is losing all that I cherished about it slowly. before you could out till the early hours of the morning and not have a worry in your head. the city was so alive. I remember we never used to worry about going to the market, because we knew that it would be open till at least 1 or so. But now things are changing so drastically.

Karachi in flames.. again and again and again!


If it’s not the rains, then it would be some son of a bitch dying, some random shoot out which makes no sense to you, a prediction that something will happen, but something or the other is always there to terrorize the Karachities and make sure that they make their way home as soon as possible. this fear has simply taken away the spirit of the city.

A few days back for some research I was in Ranchore line, and talking to people and trying to get a few survey, that all of a sudden gun shots were fired, the shops shutters closed down, and the person I was interviewing – a woman – started questioning me in the most weirdest manner that who am I ? Why am I here ? What was the purpose of my visit?It was the same day that 6 people had been killed at SherShah Market for no reason at all! Just a random shoot out. Another day in the city’s history! Nothing unusual anymore in Karachi! It almost seemed that she was ready to put the entire weight of the blame on me. As if whatever was happening was all my fault. The feeling was strange! By the time we got back to the main road – after only  half an hour of work –  the entire thing had closed down. The people had run away, the shutters had been pulled down, and it was a quiet. the hustle and bustle of a while ago was all gone!

This is becoming such a regular feature. I can almost feel the panic growing inside every time, two or three ambulances go outside your home one after the other, when you hear gun shots outside, like take the example of the burial rituals of MQM leader Dr. Imran Farooq. Rumors started to circulate that people should be home, and even before these messages started to make rounds, people know that they should get home early because anything can happen. There was fear, there were gossips to further promote that fear.

It’s just said, isn’t it? The entire city is changing. What I used to love about it the most, has simply been taken away ! I miss you Karachi !

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