Go ahead, Take a Camera With you!

Mostly I take my camera along on trips, where I would take pictures of the scenery, the landscape, the rock, the tree, the distant cliff which would lose all significance after it has been taken, etc. Point being, I would take pictures of everything that is not human!

So when my best friend’s wedding came along, it was impossible that I don’t take my camera along. Of course I wanted to take picture of everything that was happening! I covered her events from the start – from her engagement till her reception!

I was warned by my mother – a Professional Photographer herself – that once you have a camera you won’t be able to NOT take pictures. And she was right! My friend and her family urged me ever so often to take a picture of them and upload them as soon as I can! Facebook seems to give us instant gratification and assurances about how we look – or in my case, how good (or bad) a picture we took, doesn’t it?

People seem to love having their picture taken, even when they know they would never get to see it again

But there is another side of having a camera! Once you have a camera, it opens up a whole new world for you! People would start talking to you – the conversation starter always being about which camera you have, why are you into it, etc etc. They would start getting frank with you, they would ask you to take their pictures, they would thank you for it, make you promise that you would tag them, and suddenly bonds would be made!

And as the days would pass, they would start recognizing you, smiling at you, greeting you, requesting you to take their picture!

I was very taken aback when my friends aunt thanked me immensely for taking pictures of her GrandDaughter. I mean I just took a picture but for people it has a whole different significance.All of this goes on to show how a thing simple as a camera can start a great bonds with people who otherwise would never have remembered you, or you them!

So next time take the camera along with you, and start snapping away! You are sure to make tons of friends!

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