Of being Gay (In the most sexual manner)

Rainbow flags at the end of the gay, lesbian, ...

Flags at a Gay, Lesbian and bisexual Parade. Image via Wikipedia

A friend of mine recently commented to me

“How do you expect to find a straight man when you are so friendly with gay people?”

Now I would not have been surprised if she had said:

“How do  you expect to find a man for yourself when you are always hanging out with guys whom you call your friend, since any other guy would assume the obvious since they are that stupid and idiot?”

What is it with people and this huge deal over being gay? Especially straight men! As soon as you mention a story about a friend, they would actually start making faces, or come up with the most weirdest taunts about them.

It is like this great big phobia that straight men seem to be having! I mean just because they are gay doesn’t mean they want to do it with every guy!

But to be honest it is nice to know that men can feel the same kind of insecurities that girls face in most parts of the world.

But this phobia is real , and I have seen it in many of my straight friends, and I think it is downright offensive they talk about gay men! The recent suicide by a teenager over being gay due to the taunts of his friends and students of the same high school shows the fact that there is a very low acceptance of being gay in almost all parts of the world. Continue reading

The Spirit of Mine – A Story from 600m below Ground!

I had always had an interest in Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Disasters, for reasons I was too young to understand then. I – in fact – wanted to chase them for a living. It was later that I understood that what really attracted me towards all this was the human aspect which sort of triumphs the tragedy, the stories of encouragement and hope and inspiration that are always a by-product of such an event!

These stories came more alive and more apparent during the two months that the tragedy of the trapped miners continued, finally coming to an end a few hours ago. The stories that reached almost from the start, thanks to the media, were simply astonishing. And what we saw in the last 24 hours unraveling itself on our TV screens was even more so!


And it is finally over for them!


The media and the world is waiting for drama, for the men to go nuts, to scream and crumble to the scars of the tragedy. They are waiting for this tragedy to finally take its toll, for so far, we have only witnessed the positive side of a nation, whose credibility had much been shattered due to past Politico-social events!

But we keep forgetting that these men have probably always expected to be engulfed by their very own profession. That they had always at the back of their head might have envisioned their death to take place like this – trapped in the depth of the earth not knowing how to get out, helpless, and with no way out! They haven’t lived in the most ideal of economic circumstances, and I am sure that half of their lives they have felt the pangs of hunger. Continue reading

My brand new another Blog !

Ladies and Gentleman, after my Primary Blog that you are reading at the moment, I would now like to present to you my new blog

Presenting you "Architecture and Other Headaches"

This blog is about my major – that is Architecture. And it is where I would be sharing stories about my work, my internship, my design projects. And I would love to know your opinions and your ideas!

So people do let me know what you think and do make a visit  !

Why I don’t write about Politics anymore?

Summary A Night Shot of the Parliament House, ...

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It has been strange  for me even – who used to curse the Government and the system for one reason or the other almost every day – that I haven’t been able to write a hate/love, abusive post about Politics or its many different actors for that matter! But there is a reason for it. And its simple: I am bored of it. Shocked? You Shouldn’t be!

Any one who follows Pakistani Politics should know that no where else does the hypothesis “History repeats itself” is more apparent then here. Almost every month the same accusation, the same drama goes on to be repeated in the Capital as well as our media.Lets take it step by step then, shall we?

  1. Your ordinary week would start from a bomb blast. If more than 10 people died, it might get more importance, otherwise it would simply be a bottom line news.
  2. The governments negligence to stop these attacks is raised up by the likes of Kamran Khan.
  3. The negligence is then blamed on Zardari, resulting in
  4. A couple of know-it-all (read Imran Khan, Sheikh Rashid) sitting on every other talk show and saying that its all because of our lack of efforts to resolve the Swiss Cases,
  5. The Judiciary gets active and issues orders and takes suo moto notices,
  6. Tyres are burnt to vent out the combined frustrations of no electricity and Zardari as our President,
  7. Only to have the weekend over, and to forget all about it as the entire city turns towards the beaches,
  8. Only so that a couple of individuals can drown themselves so that we can once again start the vicious blame game!

Tell me then, that how much can one cry about the same repeated events again and again!

Go ahead, Take a Camera With you!

Mostly I take my camera along on trips, where I would take pictures of the scenery, the landscape, the rock, the tree, the distant cliff which would lose all significance after it has been taken, etc. Point being, I would take pictures of everything that is not human!

So when my best friend’s wedding came along, it was impossible that I don’t take my camera along. Of course I wanted to take picture of everything that was happening! I covered her events from the start – from her engagement till her reception!

I was warned by my mother – a Professional Photographer herself – that once you have a camera you won’t be able to NOT take pictures. And she was right! My friend and her family urged me ever so often to take a picture of them and upload them as soon as I can! Facebook seems to give us instant gratification and assurances about how we look – or in my case, how good (or bad) a picture we took, doesn’t it?

People seem to love having their picture taken, even when they know they would never get to see it again

But there is another side of having a camera! Once you have a camera, it opens up a whole new world for you! People would start talking to you – the conversation starter always being about which camera you have, why are you into it, etc etc. They would start getting frank with you, they would ask you to take their pictures, they would thank you for it, make you promise that you would tag them, and suddenly bonds would be made!

And as the days would pass, they would start recognizing you, smiling at you, greeting you, requesting you to take their picture! Continue reading