Of Jerks, Idiots and Assholes!

Despite what your reactions maybe, I am just going to say it! This post IS a result of a lot of soul-searching. I say Soul Searching because for almost a week I deliberated over the fact whether I should go on and bitch like this or not, and how it would reflect upon me. But enough Soul searching. After meeting the amounts of characters (read jerks) that I have, I had no choice but to vent out in the cyberspace. But there is anther reason that has prompted me to write this.

Believe me you, but the guys are getting intelligent, and they are coming up with new ways and new lines to get you into their trap. One of the lines that sort of seem to be reoccurring a lot is how much these guys love my blog. (One jerk even subscribed to my blog for the duration of the time we were friends. He unsubscribed the minute I lost interest in him.) And since this is the new opening line I have decided to write this post so they may know that they too, will be victims of my fury like this. So future jerks, beware. Past Jerks, this is pay back! So let me – at the risk of humiliating myself in the process – reveal the latest line up of jerks in my life.

The So-Called Intellect:

I ran into this guy on a Friends FB wall.. Her status had ignited a debate and he and I were on the same side. So I think here is a guy who could be nice to talk to. The guy emails me on FB and soon he is in my list. A gay friend of mine (thank God for him) who checks my list every now and then (for obvious reasons) told me that the guy who was in the profile picture was gay. Why is this a problem? Because he is flirting all the way! So I confront him.. And then comes Lie#1.. “That is not me in the picture..that is a friend of mine..But I am sure looks don’t matter to you, so why are you making a big deal of it?” but the detective in me is on! Through a friend of mine who also works in the same office as him, I find out that no guy by his name works in the office.. HE IS A FAKE.. Lie#2: “Of course I work there, but that guy just doesn’t know me that much thats why I am sure he said that”. Enough Bullshit. I sever all ties with him, I delete him from my FB, MSN, the deal! So a few months into this event, I am checking out my FB inbox, and there is a message from a guy who I don’t ever remember talking to.. Wanna guess who was the guy? Yes, he was the FAKE GUY! Apparently he hadn’t only put some one else image, he was even lying about his name to the whole world. LOSER!

The Chauvinistic Ass!

I was really shocked about this guy. So he sends me a message on FB and we start talking, shifting to messenger in a few days. So few minutes into our first chat and he asks for my number and I refuse him straight out. And then came the burst of abuses. For the first few minutes I was simply bewildered. And then I simply blocked him. I was and I think i am still in shock about this! The guy simply could not stand the idea that a girl had said no to him. The ASSHOLE!

“Why do you always have to ask so many Questions?”

I thing that I simply hate is idiotic-cy, and no matter who you are, I will simply not tolerate it. So once again a guy approaches me on FB (Yes a lot of guys approach me on FB.. What can I say I am simply too cute). So I have adopted a new tactic, instead of arguing I simply ask a Question. Now this guy was a typical male, who thinks that he is always right, and a girl should not be as independent as I am. Then one day in the middle of Conversation the guy comments “You ask too many questions, I am just not into girls like you” Okay….. Mister, what did you think I would die out just beacuse you are not interested in me? The nerve of the guy to continue with his analysis and actually pass his judgement that I can never make a guy happy, because I am too UNGIRLY…..AHH BYE BYE MISTER!

The Guys with the Foreign Ticket!

Then there is the guy who thinks he can simply impress one by randomly mentioning in a conversation again and again how he has got a pass for Greener Pastures (read USA).. Dude this is not going to get you any where!

So this concludes this post about jerks and idiots.. But I hope this can hold off future jerks! If not, then I am warning you, next time I will be using names!

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