” Atheist huh? God Bless you! “

Based on my observation, I am today possessed to write this brief experience of mine that I seem to encounter every single time I have displayed my beliefs on a public forum (Read FB Profile, FB/MSN Chat) . It so happens that every single time, I have made this fact known to someone, I am then constantly surrounded by religious salutations. All of a sudden the religious smses would increase prompting ever so subtly for the non-believer to mend their ways, or simply about the wreath of God. The religious blessings and greetings would have a fervor of their own incomparable to anything that I would have experienced ever before between me and the subject that I am dissing here at the moment.

All of a sudden, because of me, life for the people around me seems to have a new meaning. They now have a purpose in life, and that purpose in life seems to be to compel within me the spirit that would make me turn on the righteous path! The naivety of this situation has always amazed me! But I guess with people like us on the loose, they probably don’t have a choice! Anyways so here are some comics that I found that I think are hilarious.. I guess other ‘s have also gone through the same agony.

Image from: http://www.last.fm


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