The Day I turned 24….

My birthday – 3rd July – has always been a very happening way! For one thing, there is always the FIFA World Cup every 4 years to look forward to, and always always the Quarter Finals happen to be on that day! Then there have been the time that I was in Kashmir with my friends, and we went for my birthday to Chikar – an artificial lake developed after the 2005 Earthquake in Kashmir.

The Birthday in Kashmir

There was the one when me and my family went to Pizza hut, and the waiter fell over singing “Happy Birthday” – that was one hilarious sight!

I had been overly excited about this birthday.. I mean I am always excited about my birthdays but this time it was special. I had just completed my first freelance project and it looked superb. Plans were discussed for weeks about where we should go out for dinner, wish list for my gifts were prepared by me and then handed out to people.. But never during imagining all of this had i thought that my plans would have to be cancelled because of my neighbor’s 20-year-old daughter.

The last thing that I wanted on my birthday was to be put in a room full of strangers and old aunties all looking down at you, while a dressed up bimbo doll sits on the stage, thinking that she has had it all.

But you know what, I have achieved far more in these 24 years then I could ever expect anyone to! I have a great family and friends, that have always been there to support me in anything I do, I have had adventures and seen the most spectacular sights that this city and this country has to offer, I have completed my first major Project and have earned my first 6 figure salary for it! I have had 8 different sorts of jobs, I have met a fascinating amount of wonderful people. In all I have had a great 24 years! And I would never trade them in for anything!

Happy 24th to me!

One thought on “The Day I turned 24….

  1. Congratulations for turning 24

    and all the best for upcoming year

    wish u health wealth and prosperity!

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