The things I can never do in Pakistan!

This is a list of all the things that I have come to conclude I can never do while living in Pakistan!

Disclaimer: This shouldn’t be looked upon as a hate post, but simply as a way to vent out!

  1. I can never commute via Cyle/motorcycle….
  2. I can never consider McDonalds junk food.. after all I am paying the same amount for it that I would pay at a five star!
  3. I can never celebrate a World Cup with my friends without worrying that a riot will break out in the crowd!
  4. I can never go to a culinary or a Ballet School.. cause we just dont have it.

    WIsh I could do that!

  5. Go to a cinema / concert / match /religion or political rallies without the fear of a bomb blast.
  6. Expect to see an uncensored movie in a cinema!
  7. Hope to have a Hyundi Fan Park in this country!

    One of the many Hyundai Fan Park that were put up during the World Cup

  8. Have a celebration after a match without the gun shots!
  9. Drive in my own lane for more than 5 minutes without being dippered from behind!
  10. Work on my computer without worrying about data loss, Courtusy Karachi Electric Supply Company!

What Else.. what else?

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Bringing the Change through Sports!

I had planned to write this after the Beijing Olympics, but somehow just never got around to it. But the spirit of what we all got to see during the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, definitely compels me to finish this post now.

The impact of what Olympics and FIFA has done for Beijing and South Africa

Performance during the opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympics 2008

is magnanimous in proportion. Consider China. A country surrounded by years of propoganda against it, it needed only one chance to prove otherwise. And China not only took that chance, but ran with it without even stopping to catch it’s breath. From the Opening Ceremony, to the very last-minute, China kept on dazzling the world with all that it has achieved. It made sure that it reminded people of the contributions that it has made to change the shape of the world, and how it is still contributing – by adding new dimensions to what is humanely possible.

Spain Pavilion in the Shanghai Expo 2010

China then didn’t just stop there! After showing the world what it truly is, it went on to capture the imagination of people from around the globe with the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. China made sure that the world took the chance to see for themselves what China can offer to everyone! China has taken this opportunity to let people make up their own mind about this civilization!

The same chance was given by South Africa by being the host for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It was the first time that such a prestigious event landed on the African Soil, and the entire continent has strived to make it known that they can to make it happen. The people worked hard to dismiss the image that they have been linked with, that of a country who is in the midst of racist conflict and on the verge of poverty. Security was one of the biggest concern, but Africa made sure that they take every advantage of this chance that has been given to them, and show the world that they too are capable!

FIFA 2010 South Africa

My father has always said that Football is the game of the poor. Give them one football and you have 22 smiling faces engrossed in a game that doesn’t require anything more.I like this thought. Africa, a poor country took this chance and they have changed the perception of the world forever. South Africa will no longer be thought of as a country where 160 murders happen a day, but would be remembered as a country with a great spirit. The spirit of this World Cup will stay with the world for a long time to come.

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Of Marriage and Men!

Marriage is definitely tricky! Everyone is looking up at you. You are made to be all dressed up and then put up on a pedestal for aunties to look, and cross analysis everything from how you and your guy look together, to the last pimple that you had hoped the gazillion coats of foundation (or is it a concealer???!!) would be able to hide.

But a Pakistani so-called-made-in-heaven match (read the annoying relative of your 4th cousins husbands sister’s mother-in-law) is like a lake full of crocodiles. One wrong move, and your are KABOOSH!

I remember a relative of mine once advised me after I joined a co-ed college to never let a guy realize that I knew anything about sex, since they would get the wrong idea about me! They would assume that I have done these things that’s why I know all about it! When I shared this almost-motherly advice with a friend, she actually agreed with it. So the next time she was with her bf, she acted all innocent (read dumb) about what condoms or sex enhancer are! I, however, came to the rescue (or not) of my friend and declared loudly “What are you even talking about? You told me what these things are!”

I mean come on! Who are we kidding here? My sister knew more about these sort of things than me. Every 6th grader knows about it now. We come from a generation that has been touched by “Sex and the City” and still we are expected to continue with these charades?

Sex and the City

But the truth of the matter is that we do continue with these games. A recent discussion with a too-be-happily-married-friend left me in an utter state of shock. As she sat talking about whether to get ready-made or custom-made furniture, I suggested that maybe she should worry about the more important things about marriage, “Have you guys discussed whether you would wait to have kids or not”. Her answer was a prompt “NO”.

Life after Marriage!

It was at that point that I realized that we as Pakistani girls are mostly – MOSTLY- required to play this particular role in a wedding. We are supposed to be the dumb made up Barbie dolls, who are to worry about their little doll house then to worry about any of the real stuff that is part of a Marriage.

Another discussion with a friend revealed how they never discuss things like sex in a marriage. How when and how to have sex is the decision of the MIGHTY MEN, and girls who ask about it are considered to be out of their league, or worst, of having “experience” before their marriage.

If my educated, friend, who is marrying a guy that she liked and knew before her soon-to-be marriage, then how am I to expect that my dumb bimbo-headed 18 something neighbor, who probably didn’t even have a choice about who she marries, would ever share with her husband her choices of when to have a family, or even when to have sex?

Why is the Pakistani girl a passive person that should have no say.. or to have a say is equal to being labelled? Why can’t she say when or how to have sex?

It is not that hard to get, is it? A woman is just as sexually active (if not more) as a man! And she every right to say, “No I don’t want a family right away, so make sure you have a condom in your pocket the night we get married”

The Day I turned 24….

My birthday – 3rd July – has always been a very happening way! For one thing, there is always the FIFA World Cup every 4 years to look forward to, and always always the Quarter Finals happen to be on that day! Then there have been the time that I was in Kashmir with my friends, and we went for my birthday to Chikar – an artificial lake developed after the 2005 Earthquake in Kashmir.

The Birthday in Kashmir

There was the one when me and my family went to Pizza hut, and the waiter fell over singing “Happy Birthday” – that was one hilarious sight!

I had been overly excited about this birthday.. I mean I am always excited about my birthdays but this time it was special. I had just completed my first freelance project and it looked superb. Plans were discussed for weeks about where we should go out for dinner, wish list for my gifts were prepared by me and then handed out to people.. But never during imagining all of this had i thought that my plans would have to be cancelled because of my neighbor’s 20-year-old daughter. Continue reading