Change is inevitable… But did I have to realize it because of a WEDDING?

It could have been the scene from “My Best Friends Wedding” know the one when Julia Roberts falls off from the bed… but that is how I truly received the news of my best friend – my only girl best friend’s engagement (Thank God for the fact that I was already sitting on the floor) . The state of my mind changed quickly from Puzzlement over her random one liner message (“I am getting engaged ;)”) , to pure shock to joy and amusement and happiness all combined together to complete depression by the night!

Till the pre-depression time, I was only thinking about how much fun a close friend’s wedding can be, the shopping it would involve, about how she had faced all the pressure that surrounds a single girl in her particular community and despite all of that, getting a degree in the field of her choice (Dentistry – but to be honest it is becoming such a drag now.. it is almost impossible for anyone of us to open our mouth without having her find some errors in our dental hygiene), and then finally making it through with the guy that she liked without any drama from her or the guy’s family! I was am truly happy for her!

Come night fall and my brain was screaming to me “OH MY GOD SHE IS GETTING MARRIED”.. it was as if my brain was doing its own version of our channels “Breaking News” telecast. And it was at that point that I realized that nothing would be the same again.

We have been friends for almost 8 years now, and have seen each other screwing up but eventually coming through, having crushes, losing weight (in her case ), gaining weight (in my case) and remaining neutral (as in our third friends case). We have bitched about each other behind each others backs and in this time have formed our own little traditions.

One of the traditions that have been dearest to my heart was our 3rd day Eid Lunch – and almost without a hitch, I have hosted it (I got stuck with it after the first year I did it after we got done with college) since then every year twice a year!

I realized now that we would never be able to do that again.. I am sure that each of us would start parting ways from here – and this is just the beginning of  it. There would be no more 3rd Eid day lunches, there would be no more lunch plans, and this is just the start of a whole new phase of our lives! OUR FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED …….wow… it still takes a minute for that to sink in …..From now on, it would be lunches and engagements with her and her husband’s  family or some other equivalently boring stuff! (Come on she will be married.. its bound to get boring eventually)

I guess you never think about these sort of things, you just don’t realize how these sort of things can impact your life… or maybe it won’t.. maybe I am just thinking too much … maybe it all will be the same …MAYBE!

One thought on “Change is inevitable… But did I have to realize it because of a WEDDING?

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