This country was not made for minorities!

Since the moment I turned on my tv, I have been hearing comments and statements from my mother – and after coming home from my father – about how evil (I can’t find any other word) the attacks targeted at the Ahmadi’s were. And I can’t help but agree with them and feel sad about where we are heading towards as a nation. This incident is just one more nail in the coffin that will be of Pakistan.

Almost as soon as the incident happen, analyst and reporters flooded the tv screens with their own analysis about who could be behind it. Beside the fact that the responsibility had already been taken by a random fundamental wing called the Punjab Taliban (PTI), but still the old hearsay could still be heard on the airways about how there is the involvement of a foreign head in it and how they are trying to destabilize the country.. I just don’t understand.. why don’t they finally get it that this country doesn’t need a foreign hand to destabilize it.. It is doing a pretty good job on its own.

As I write this post, it is 11 pm.. it has been almost 8 hours or so since the attack on this minority group took place, and I cant stop but feeling helpless, because I feel that despite all our awareness and big talks, we don’t do anything.. how many of us can i hope to see tomorrow on the streets to protest against what has happened? I hope the answer is better than I am thinking!I remembered a joke that someone had made about Ahmadi’s that they were the most religious lot she had seen, always fasting and praying and this makes them even more boring… she used to say “If this is their condition when they are not considered Muslims, consider what they would have been like if they weren’t constitutionally banned?”

Lahore under attack (Picture from

Since I heard the news this afternoon, I have been thinking about a lot of things, about all of our friends who are Ahmadi’s, about how we were taught in school how our Constitution declares them as non-Muslims. I thought about an incident in the past when the minority Christian group was attacked in Punjab. I recalled an interview of Mahesh Bhatt in which he had stated that Pakistan has failed to protect its minorities.

And this declaration couldn’t be more true! In a country where even the majorities don’t feel safe, how can we expect the minorities to be safe? If it wasn’t enough tat we had declared them non-Muslims, and than had attacked their “Mosques”, soon after the attacks a series of hate messages started against them and their leaders. What makes me angry about the whole situation then is, that if we don’t feel any shame about ridiculing the religion and faith of others, then why should we expect any one else to respect our religion? why should we expect them not to have “everybody Draw Mohammad Day”, why should we curse them and threaten them. After the events of today, a part of me feel that when we can’t respect other religions, then why should they respect us ? Doesnt it become almost justified?

While all this happened, none of our representatives even dared to go and visit them, but heir twitter status kept on updating.. I mean at least they were concerned on some level right? The Punjab Assembly really need to take a stand now, considering that this is the fourth or fifth time, that the fight has come down on the streets with the terrorist almost attacking like they were in a war, example of this would include the Minawa Police Academy and the attacks on the Sri Lankan team, but I guess even the Assembly is too busy focusing on issues of much greater concern like Banning Late night call packages and finding creatice ways to add more tax in the upcoming budget!

You may argue that why do I keep saying “we” .. well maybe we weren’t a direct part of it, but our silence makes us almost a part of it. Cant’ we even be expected to safeguard the 1% minority of our country?

One thought on “This country was not made for minorities!

  1. Today I received an sms which said that why was the media calling mosque and shaheed to the people who died in yesterday’s brutal incident and I start thinking that how insensitive we all are as a nation.
    Death of 100’s of innocent people has no meaning to us ?What about the women and children who were there.. no one has said any thing about them even, not even the right death toll? why ….
    Muslim or not Muslim they were human being. Do we even stop caring about that? This really hurts even more then that incident itself.
    and less then 24 hrs our media has almost forgotten it.

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