Really, No Choice.. none whatsoever?

I hate it when people say that they don’t have a choice, because to be very honest you always do have a choice, some people might not want to accept this fact, but this is how it is! Why am I blabbing such nonsense crap? Well a friend of mine (you know who you are)  exclaimed today about something that well I don’t have a choice.. I didn’t say anything then, but then i got thinking about it.. Is it really true? Do we really don’t have a choice, are we just puppets with strings ?

Philosophically and Religiously, one can say that yes we really don’t have a choice, but I am not here to do a Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson joke out here (let’s make that another post shall we ? )

No choice, none... Nope, No No No!

I don’t and never have agreed with that point of view, I think you always do have a choice, I think that we are just scared to accept it because it would mean taking the weight of the responsibility on our own shoulder.. Arrange Marriages, Following a different career path then what has been decided for us, Simply Agreeing to everything, not fighting for your right.. all of these requires that we stand up for something and take responsibility for our consequences, it means for us to break down the chains of let it be, religion, caste, social standings, etc and actually making a decision, to change the flow of the river, and this requires an effort.

It means that we stand up against sometimes the very people we love, people with whom we have grown up with, let it be our parents, siblings, relatives! You always have a choice, you always have two paths before you.. If you don’t have the strength to take that step, then simply admit that you are not strong enough yet! That you are weak.. but don’t show yourself as an helpless little kid who simply wasn’t tall enough to reach the cookie jar.. Maybe at that stage you really don’t have a choice!

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