Since you’ve been gone…

Its been so so many days since I have seen my FB ( I lost count after the first intense 24 hours ). For all of you who were taking a vacation on Timbaktu, the summary is that after some Dopehead made a group “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” and after some radicals filed a petition in Lahore High Court to have the site banned through PTA, who went on ahead and felt that it is their moral duty to block every website name that they know.. This would explain why Hotmail, Yahoo, Youtube, Twitter are not working anymore.

Anyways I thought that after many whinny post about how I miss my darling, It is about time that I write about some of the major impacts that is is having on me. Here is a list of things:-

1. Finding Creative new ways to waste way: Till the good old times of

My new addiction.. I am sorry FB, Trust me its just an infatuation

having FB in my life, my major time was spent playing a lot of games, and a little bit of socializing with my friends.. Initially I thought I would get some work done, but nooooo… now all my day is lost in venting about it online, trying to find back doors, and getting addicted to TweetDeck!

2. Making up Conspiracy Theories: Yes, I know that this point alone would confirm for many of you out there that I am going nuts.. But really, if they can still come up with reasons like RAW, and Jewish Lobby then why can’t I add a bit of my own theories. SO here is mine.. this was all done to minimize the Musharraf Campaign on FB.. I mean think about it, the lawyers hate him.. and he had been using FB to lure in people towards his fan page with his ad popping up on the right side of the screen… So the lawyers created this page and then had FB ban the entire website, so that they can stop his spread of evil…… This would one day be recognized as the biggest cover up of our history.. !

Yes People, Curse him, he is the reason why your FB isn't working

3. Saving up my Credit: Since the ban took place, my mobile usage has been decreased radically.. and has resulted in the loss of profits for Telenor (My Service Provider), thanks to no status update or FB Mobile.. I don’t know if the plan was to stumble down FB shares or Ours.. but atleast we have made half of this clause come true..!

4. My Reading speed is going up again: Before my life was turned upside down due to the many Social Networking Sites, I used to read intensely, and was very proud of my reading speed. But slowly and steadly, with the time constaints (ya right) it was mostly only during my Semester Break that I could pick up a book… But thnaks to this ban, I am done with “Barack Obama:Dreams from my Father( Review due)

5. I am blogging everyday 😀 See before blogging everyday was not something easy for me.. You know the time constraints and all.. but now thanks to all the ban and all, I have ample time to blog everyday!

Well I think that I should stop now.. enough crazy talk for a day.. but let me pose one more theory before I leave.. DO you think that after all the hits that Tweets and WP is getting – thanks to all the “venters” out there- would they now join the bandwagon and make sure that FB stays banned… HMMMMM!

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