Why I am going to stop worrying about being on Freshly Pressed! Honestly!

So no offense to WordPress people or anything, but I am simply going to stop obsessing about being on the Freshly Pressed from today.. as in right now… NOW.. .any minute now.. and DONE!

See there is a reason for this.. so you see a few days back I read this post “FIVE WAYS TO GET FEATURED ON FRESHLY PRESSED by Joy Victory and it was all about how you can make it to the honor list by doing certain things.. and I swear to you I actually put in an effort since reading that post (yes I realize it has been just a week or so) ..Anyways so I searched pictures that might be relevant, tried to think of interesting names… tried to be funny, etc etc.. you get the picture right! Basically I drove myself nuts trying to fill in all the requirements!


Anyways so after this entire week of putting all this effort, I simply decided to stop it. Reason… Well see, I checked out my stats today.. and yes I do check it everyday almost…but today, I bothered analyzing them against the perspective of something I had read on another blog once. I can’t find that post or that blog, but I remember I found the post since it was published on the WP FP and was about how you should not worry about being published on FP, instead you should worry about the audience that you are building up, because that means that you are gathering a population that is reading what you are actually blurting… and honestly that makes more sense.. and it made more sense to me when I saw my Monthly Stats… and you know what ..


See It's slowly Growing... Slow and Steady

So thus the decision has been made.. and I certainly hope to follow it through .. for a while at least… But then what are resolves are for, then to be simply broken and obsessed about later again.. Till then


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