And the Contenders are Muslims and FaceBook

So I am sure most of you who have their eyes and ears open on Facebook must have heard about the latest thing that has come to bite the ass of most Muslims… So what must have happened is that a couple of dope heads would have gotten together and this is how imagine the conversation must have taken place..

Dope Head #1: Hey dude whats up…

DP#2 : Nothing man.. just the same old …Even Virtual World is so f***** bore nowadays

DP#1 : Hey lets push some Muslims button.. that is always fun for a few days at least

DP#2: I know what you mean man.. The South Park push was a nice one..,,

DP#1: or like the time when this Danish guy pissed them.. that was fun.. oh hey.. I have a great idea.. let’s do a Draw Mohammad Day.. that would truly piss them off…

DP#2: Ha Ha… that would be fun..

Dope Head Vs. The Radicals

So they did what they wanted to and then someone on this side of the globe must have read it and this is the conversation that they must have had.. Lets call them Radical-With-No-Brains

RWNB#1: Allah-ho-Akber-(God is Great) Nauzobillah (God Forgiveness) what have these infidels have done now..

RWNB#2: They must pay the price for what they have done..

RWNB#1: But what must we do.. Faisal Shahzad has already been caught and they are on their toes now..

RWNB#2: We should damage them … we should give them a blow that they would never forget…

RWNB#1: I agree with you… but what can we do… Oh we should make a group on Facebook and promote the actual cause so that everyone can know about it and then even people who had never heard of this group can know of it..

RWNB #2: And then after giving the group the publicity that it so badly already craves.. lets ban Facebook for a whole 3 days.. that should teach them a lesson…

RWNB#1: Really do we need to go to such extremes…. I mean, dude what about my Energy Pack…

RWNB#2; Forget your energy pack.. this is war.. we shall make them see the errors of their ways .. we would kill them with their own weapons.. tell everyone to make sure they have planted crops that harvest in 3 days so that we don’t lose out on anything… WE WILL CRUSH THEM….

So two idiots at extreme end of the corners did something and now everyone is going crazy for it.. Guys just chill.. Muslims especially.. your reactions only pump them up more.. So stop giving them more reasons to do shitty stuff. .. they like to work you up for such thing.. And secondly.. THINK before doing anything.. it is not FB who is hosting this event.. It is some dope head who was obviously never taught about how to respect other religions..If you want to protest just go and report the page..But I do agree with them.. the South Park was not offensive…. Get a Sense of Humor, Will you?

And Dope heads… its called Respect for each other.. Learn it! You can all get all worked up about all sorts of things… like the holocaust being called a fake.. that proves that there are certain boundaries that should not be crossed… Respect!

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