What would it take to be bombed?

On Sunday night, while reading the newspaper and going through the headlines that were already a few hours too late, I came across the statement by American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The statement was clear, and there wasn’t any doubt about what it can mean to us. It read,

Hillary warns Pakistan of ‘severe


I turned to my dad and asked ” Can America really bomb us?”

He looked at me with a look (that I have yet to decipher) and then laughed (again which has to be decoded) and said “Ofcourse they can ”

Could this happen to Karachi Yesterday?

Now please don’t go on assuming that this question reveals the skeptic, naive, or politically unaware person inside of me. I am well aware of the fact that there is a war going on in half of the country, a matter of a couple of miles from our capital, but the fear (yes I am not scared to say that I was worried) that this “severe consequences” can mean the same fate for cities like Karachi as for Waziristan was a bit too much for me.

Yes, I know that the Obama Administration is different then that of Bush the devil himself, and yes he has mentioned again and again about how he wants to proceed with dialogue, but there is such a thing as pressure from the people, and It really makes me wonder, that if there was a bomb blast at Times Square then would the American people had stayed quite and calm? We know what has happened in Afghanistan and Iraq and yes, I know ( as many of my friends pointed out) that the American people would not want to take the toll themselves also of another war, but the fact of the matter remains that all any of us can do in this part of the country is to wait. Wait and see when the electricity would come back on, if the Pakistani team can once more take the cup and make us rejoice for the briefest of moment; wait and see if some crazy lunatic decided to bomb himself so that we can pay the price.. This is all that we can do!

It is weird how someone so far away can make a decision that can impact our lives so deeply, and I think most of us are expecting such an impact to take place soon, this can be easily understood by the cues each day outside American and UK Embassies, by how people sit in their drawings room and worry that about their American Visa expiring.. They all have an escape plan ready to be put into place if such a thing is to happen…. we all know it would.. I think in a way Hillary Clinton has simply voiced that fear that all of us carry within us all the time.. Maybe this is what that laugh of my dad meant…  ! Maybe some things are simply inevitable… only time would tell!

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