The great debate of the Genders – Part I

I know it might appear to many that I have a one track mind regarding gender and sex.. but let’s be honest, it is one of the major concerns and the big fight in today’s society.  A person not agreeing with this statement is not only a fool, but also seems to me to be living in his own little bubble.

The recent urge to write about his topic has been due to the story “Are Women feminizing men?” by Matthew Fitzgerald. I found this article thanks to a  very amazing post. In his article, Matthew Fitzgerald assumes and points to a movie as a proof of how the real world works. Just because Mel Gibson didn’t got the promotion due to a hardworking Helen Hunt in the movie ( who is shown to be working twice as hard and having no social life, very contrasting to the life style of Gibson’s character, Nick Marshall), it seems to reflect the fact that how this is a female world.

The truth is ...... WOMEN FUCK TOO!

Apparently there is this believe in the world of men, that women want a man who is obedient, knows how to work a vacuum, can take care of the kids, treat you like a princess, and listen to every single word you say. Too many people have tried to find the perfect ingredient to make the man/woman relationship work. Examples of this attempt include from the above mentioned movie, What women want, to best seller books, like Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. the latest amusing thing that I found in this collection of analysis into the woman’s mind is Porn for Women. They all assume that women want to go out and are dominating the world.

For it is absurd that some one would be taking their facts from a movie, when the statistics say something completely else. For example, in the USA

  • From 1983 to 1991, the number of domestic violence reports received increased by almost 117%. Source: New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, 1983 and 1991.
  • Studies by the Surgeon General’s office reveal that domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44, more common than automobile accidents, muggings, and cancer deaths combined. Other research has found that half of all women will experience some form of violence from their partners during marriage, and that more than one-third are battered repeatedly every year. Source: Journal of American Medical Association, 1990

Considering that this is the condition of the Western World, then the question arises, which women are these that Mathew Fitzgerald is talking about? If he is

North Country - A true image of what women face

keeping into consideration the few New Yorkers that he has been dumped by, who have made their way into the top by extreme hard work, then does that really mean that they too should shut up and take whatever crap they are taking from men? If it is movies that need to be quoted to make a point, so then lets talk about “North Country”. At least here is a movie that is not a fragment of someone’s imagination. The story revolves around female miners who are abused and harassed in a work environment that is mainly male-dominated.

The laws that have been put up to protect women are not some conspiracy theory to “cut off men’s penises” but is simply to avoid such incidents to happen again. And let me remind Mr. Fitzgerald again that in these places, I doubt that even you would be able to survive, because life is equally hard for men and women both.

And for the first time, I am very happy to say/write that at least here in the East things are a bit better that out there in the wild wild west. But let that be a point for Part II.

2 thoughts on “The great debate of the Genders – Part I

  1. Men can be such whiny bastards. A woman takes one step forward in the world and suddenly the whole balance of things, as men know it, has been upset and destroyed! All women’s problems are solved. They don’t have any challenges anymore and now the men can turn the tables on them and start complaining about the most trivial of things! God, I hate men.

    I saw North Country and was so moved by it. If this is such female dominated world, why is it so difficult to believe a woman when she says that she’s been raped or sexually harassed?

    And I’m still reading your blog by the way, and enjoying the good work.

    • Hey.. thank you.. believe me these sort of words really make my day.. thank you… i so needed to hear something nice today 🙂

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