The great debate of the Genders – Part I

I know it might appear to many that I have a one track mind regarding gender and sex.. but let’s be honest, it is one of the major concerns and the big fight in today’s society.  A person not agreeing with this statement is not only a fool, but also seems to me to be living in his own little bubble.

The recent urge to write about his topic has been due to the story “Are Women feminizing men?” by Matthew Fitzgerald. I found this article thanks to a  very amazing post. In his article, Matthew Fitzgerald assumes and points to a movie as a proof of how the real world works. Just because Mel Gibson didn’t got the promotion due to a hardworking Helen Hunt in the movie ( who is shown to be working twice as hard and having no social life, very contrasting to the life style of Gibson’s character, Nick Marshall), it seems to reflect the fact that how this is a female world.

The truth is ...... WOMEN FUCK TOO!

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