Why the Bomb Blast?

Yesterday’s Lahore blast in RA Bazar and Sadder Area can only be understood in the light of the fact that how have we reached the current scenario of Politics in Pakistan and who are the characters that are involved in it. So what follows below is my own analysis of the Country’s Political – Economic Situation.

Pakistan after its Independence, thanks to the many Influence left by the British, was a relatively modern country. Indications of this were the many social, and recreational facilities, and also the General mindset towards accepting these places. This example would include the many bars, cinemas, restaurants, and Cabire. Girls used to cycle, skirts and foreigners were common on the streets of Karachi, and not only that but the country was also one of the most hip places for Westerners and Hippies, who can be seen sleeping on the streets.

Most of the people in Pakistan who would read this would know how much it is stressed in our course books about the location of Pakistan in the World Map. You have India and then Afghanistan, Iran and China as your neighbors, but it is only recently that the importance of this country of ours of God knows how much population (All figures in this regards are guesses. The last consensus happened in the year 1998) has taken a serious impact from its location.

Pakistan in its Context

The Major impacts have been these :-

  • With China : The Chinese Revolution of 1950, and the many pacts and agreements made with this very friendly neighbor.
  • India : The 3 wars resulting in the division of the country, the constant issue of Kashmir, and the great U-turn the Indian Economy has taken for the best.
  • Afghanistan :The Soviet Union overtake and then the Taliban Government thanks to the help of USA, and now the attack on Afghanistan to dismiss the very Government that it help build.
  • Iran: The Islamic Revolution.

The biggest blow however has been the rise of Taliban and then the downfall of Taliban. The rise of Taliban meant that now the army who had always been very pro-fundamental can have an open ground to train people and then send them out to Afghanistan. You had a President like Zia-ul-Haq who whole-heartedly supported the Talibans, who made sure that the money was going through to the training camps so that they can go and fight the ultimate infidel “Soviet Union”. Besides the threat of communism, you also had a “so-called hostile neighbor” India. The army used it completely for their advantage, to keep the people always on the edge of their seat. We were always made to be worried and scared, and this justified the budget for the army which is more than 50% almost every year.

The army has always been a state within the state of Pakistan and thus the budget cut was impossible, therefore two things needed to be done. To justify such a large budget each year, one the threat of India needed to be constantly maintained, therefore whenever any democratic, and in this case even when an undemocratic, Government tried to make amends with India, the army was there to crash it, and secondly, the threat of communism had to be maintained.

But the break up of the Soviet Union meant that one of the threat was over. So where was the entire burden to fall of the fundamentals to fall after the fall of the mighty Infidel? The answer was the second biggest symbol of hate: USA. 9/11 was the ultimate show of the hate for the USA. And  the act back fired on us. The War on Terror turned out to be a kick in the ass for all the parties involved, us and the USA mainly. Since the start of this war, most of the Talibans and the Mujahiddeans have crossed the border over to our side, and have taken up shelter, mostly in the tribal regions of the country, where the laws of the constitutions do not reply. They have their own rules and their own laws, and the Government of Pakistan can not interfere with that. The proof of this fact is the take over of the Talibans in many of the parts in the Northern Side,  which included Swat, Mansehra, among others.But now they had to be dealt with! The world pressure was too strong for the army and the representatives that sat in the Presidential Palace to avoid it. It had been proven that many of the terrorist that were roaming around blasting themselves up in various part of the world were inafact trained here in Pakistan. And thus the insurgency, as a combined effort of the USA and the Pakistan Army began in Waziristan.

What however did happen is that instead of the battle being restricted to one part of the country ( It is very unbelievable to think that there is actually a war going on in the country ) it has now spread nation wide. Punjab has especially been a favorite target because it is Punjab that has always been labelled the land of the Army and then it is here that the fundamentals got the biggest support, financially and other wise. The land lords needed them to suck the blood out of people in the name of religion, and the alliance of the Army and the Feudals is a very intimate bond, one that is not such a big secret.So whenever the army steps up its insurgency and attacks, so does the Talibans.

The attacks in Lahore was a part of the string of events – a sort of their reply to the attacks in their area. Is  there an end to it? Unfortunately not in the near future!

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