The Vicious Circle of Pakistani Intellectuals

Ever been to a meeting of the “So-Called Intellectuals” of Pakistan? NO? Then don’t worry! It’s very simple. Just go to any Cultural/Political/Art Festival or T2F Event, or simply add one of them on Facebook  and you would come across this circle of people .. this circle of people I from now on christen the “Vicious Circle of Intellectuals in Pakistan”

The Intellectuals are at it !

Now till the Pre-Cyberspace Era, or so I have been told, those people actually did get together in the real world and a serious debate did used to take place in which you had every opportunity to knock the lights out of the other person if you didn’t like their point of view. But now the war has changed it’s frontiers.

Now, however, this vicious circle gets out of bed and writes an email about a current social event/affair/problem, and then mass-forward it to its circle of Intellectuals on its Address Book. You see, every individual out of this circle thinks that they are on the brink of bringing a revolution in the Country, and it is their writings (aka forwarded emails that they send by the dozen) that would bring about that change. He is sure that it is his literature that is Influencing millions of minds out there. He imagines himself as the next Leader of the Masses, whose volumes of works (aka forwarded emails) will be compiled in the years to come and then published and people will crush each other to buy a copy of his master piece. He would be quoted and referred to by history and Political students alike.

But you see, his address books also contains other Idealist/Intellectuals (thus the circle) who tend to disagree because they think it is there framework that would conquer the world. And thus starts this great debate, which would swamps everyone’s inboxes. The debate would continue for hours and the treads would continue to increase, as more and more intellectuals join this debate, until the issue has long been lost for the competition of whose personal pride can survive now.

But now after the great invention of Facebook, the debate has been reduced to mere comments on each other posts and links. It seems that people have taken upon themselves the responsibility to share every piece of news with the world. And again on Facebook, this entire circle has befriended each other and has taken the utmost of challenge of bring a Social Change through the medium of Facebook. (I wonder if the 6 Degree theory can be applied here).

My  point in writing all of this gibberish is simple! If you do think that you are the forerunner in bringing about a revolution in the country, then maybe its high time that you start spreading your pearls of wisdom to the masses who would be the Integral part of your struggle (didn’t you read mother?). What is the point of constant arguments with the people in the same circle when they already know all the crap in the first place. GO and propagate in the wilderness. May the blessings of Left and Right and Liberals and secular be with you. Amen.

2 thoughts on “The Vicious Circle of Pakistani Intellectuals

  1. You know i read the last part only lol
    However you’ve got a point i like it should say start rite now. lemme know if need any help 🙂

    • Thanks Ramin, would surely contact you when I start doing that.. .right now I am happy with my role of being a silent critic

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