De javu from 15 years ago – Part II

So let me very briefly explain to you what I mean by this title. It was exactly 15 years ago that my dad got a heart attack, but things have changed a lot since then. For one thing, I am not 9 year old any more.. and secondly, neither are both my parents as young as they used to be.

I remember when the last time my dad got an attack, I felt like I had become an orphan. Since my mom used to spend the major part of the day in the hospital, and we were yet not old enough to be admitted in to the ICU, that left me and my sis to go to a relatives house and spend the day there. I used to hate it. I used to convince my mother that we were old enough to be left alone at home and that I can take care of myself and my sister, and just to prove this point, I started to spend as much of the daytime at my place.

I was in my office when my got my moms call on my cell. It was highly unusual of her to call me so early as 11 am, and when I picked up the phone, I didn’t hear her speak for a minute. She was crying and she told me that dad had an attack.  I had no car so the plan was to walk for ten min to the taxi stand, but my boss was nice enough to drop me to the hospital although he himself was getting late to pick his daughter up from her school.

It is therefore that I am obliged to say that time time we had this great support group of friends – and some relatives- that were there to take care of us and support us during this time. My mother was able to share the responsibility of taking care of our dad with us, instead of having two kids on her hand to take care of.

I extend my thanks to all the people who were there for us at this time. Thankyou. As for the bills, it was enough that so many friends asked to help, while so many relatives that we never expected would do such a thing, contributed to lighten our burden. Thank you to you too. I would always have immense respect for you. Thank you to everyone for their prayers and kind words. I appreciate it a lot.

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