Hachiko gave my dad an Heart attack

The initial title of this post was “Hachiko: my latest Inspiration”. This was post-dads-heart attack. But now however, this title is completely appropriate for this film. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this sarcastically. This is literary true!


We rarely watch movies together, so this was a rare act that was performed especially in the honor of this movie. I think it was the love of animals that my dad had that made us all sit together. We all cried like babies, tears streaming down our faces like there was no end tomorrow. My dad however didn’t display this act of attachment to this movie, but he was moved. We discussed the movie for hours after it was over.. I don’t know how is the film doing n the box office or anything, but for us the film was an instant hit.

The film is one of those classic tale’s that comes every now and then on the big screen to remind  you that love is not something found inside each others pants. But something much much more. It was one of those rare movies that one can watch with one’s family, without worrying about changing the channel before an inappropriate scene comes along. But beware of chest pains.. ( something that wasn’t mentioned on the DVD)

That night my dad got so touched by watching the movie, that he was hurting all night and he wasn’t able to sleep. Now he is already a heart patient, but even in our wildest dreams we didn’t think that it would affect him that much. Two days later, after having constant minor pains in his chest that he didn’t tell us about, he was in the hospital, and having an angioplasty. The doctors have all agreed that it was truly a miracle that he has survived.

Heart attack

Beware of Heart Attacks

My dad came home this Monday (details coming soon) and we finally started to get back to our old routine and thus on Wednesday my sister was watching Fahrenheit 9/11 as a part of her film analysis course. Now we have watched the movie before many times, ( it is only for this reason that I will not be suing Micheal Moore) but I had no idea that this can again cause him chest pains. During the middle of the film, when they start showing scenes from Iraq my dad got so upset that he started cursing and got emotional with tears in his eyes. I finally had to take him inside his room, and it took quite a while for him to calm down.

So basically it seems that we are out to get him by putting one movie after the other to see which one affects him the most. I swear if this keeps going, we would be forced only to watch cartoons, and I don’t mean G.I. Joe type cartoons but Tom and Jerry and Power-puff sweet sort of stuff. God have mercy!

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