Karachi Burning

There have been two bomb blast in the city.. one at Nursury at a bus carrying women and children to the shia Procession.. the other at the Jinnah Hospital that was treating the injured of the blast.

More then that I can’t say.

2 thoughts on “Karachi Burning

  1. very honest writings. enjoyed reading them.
    BTW ‘religion’ and especially ‘Islam’ is also an entire worldview; it sets limits to guide – it doesn’t ask you to wear ‘an ugly burqa’- it asks for modesty and does ask you to cover yourself in a prescribed manner; In Pakistan unfortunately – as you rightly said – we dont know our religion. we just ‘see’ the rituals.

    • I appreciate your comments. Thank you so much. I agree with you that it is a worldview. But world views changes with the times. But our tragedy has been that we haven’t realized that. And I think this is where our weakness lies.

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