I am sick of Nawaz Sharif

I try to restrict myself from giving these bold statements about anyone.. even if he is a politician.. Now I know that there would be angry heads every where going why target Nawaz Sharif and not Zardari aka the real root of all evil in this world for a lot of people. But here is something: HE HAS NOT BEEN THE PRIME MINISTER TWICE. NAWAZ SHARIF HAS BEEN .. so there fore I have every right to diss him for still not learning from his mistakes.

Nawaz Sharif- Leader of the Muslim League(N)

His “Rid the Punjab of illiteracy” Scheme has been going on for a very long time, and I can understand that it is a very hard job to attain. There are a lot of Political, Economic, Cultural Restrictions in his way, but a recent news item in the paper has changed my perspective about his many, many slogans that are simply void of any dedication.

His recent portrayal of sympathy with his people that was displayed over the death of Shazia – a 12 year girl killed because of abuse by her employees . I usually refer to these sort of politics as simply “Dancing-over-the-corpses” Politics.

My great fervor  towards him is simply because of the facts reveled in that article. These children in 1997 staged a small protest in front of his residence for the right to free Education. It is now almost 13 years to that event. Today, a small girl dies because of his incapabilities as a Public Servant. But still no shame, no remorse, no guilt will stop them from going to a little girls’ house and making an appearance before the Camera’s, assuring the family  that are mere puppets in this world of Politicians and their dirty politics.

Mr. Nawaz Sharif, that girl would not have been working if you have listened to the protest of those two children 12 years ago. So please leave the charade, we have had enough of it. Your bull shit will still be listened to, you don’t have to do a drama and play with the feelings of that family, for I can assure you that no one in the public is being fooled. I wonder if the family bought the act. Besides you only have Rs. 5000 in your account, don’t waste that much money on petrol… you would need to save it for your next election Campaign

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