The Geography of Life

The question of  finding a suitor nowadays by mum or relatives or other aunties is usually followed by the “Geography” attached to it. By this I mean that the question is almost always followed by the question” Would you mind moving abroad” or “would you like the guy to be living in USA or would you prefer some where close like Dubai”. It seems that now instead of marriages being made in heaven they are now based on the significance of “Geography”.

The significance of Location in the Relationship Sphere

My answer to this question has always been “No I would like to stay in this country” and this has been a sincere but good enough way to shut those aunties up. I think the reason for them shutting up is the sheer shock and maybe a bit of amusement to the fact that some one would still want to live in this country. I don’t blame them.

Living in this country does take a lot of courage and love and patience and a constant supply of anti-depressants. And sometimes when watching documentaries about Europe or USA, about their universities, and Libraries, and Disney World, and Roller coaster and the food and the luxury and the facilities abroad, you do sometimes re-question the stubborn inside you to stay in this country. And the question of “Why do I insist in living here” does pop his evil head out!

I guess that partially its the fear that what if you cant settle there, and you are lways going to be a secind class citizen, and besides what would happen to this country if all of us start to leave it one by one?

Arif Sahab, the other day while commenting on the state of the counrty, said that this country is going to the dogs, and then he turned to me and said “What are you going to do in this ocuntry?” And I replied to him that we would stay here and curse it everyday. To this he said “No you should make it more loving”. I thought for a while and then replied to him “Well it takes a lot of love to stay in this country”

So beside being a marriage defense system, and a partial fear, maybe there is a bit of love there too. But believe me it takes a lot of reminding everyday to keep you from losing hope with this country.

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