In memory of Asim Butt (1978-2010)

We were all sitting in the office, pretending to be working while sneekingly playing Facebook, when Arif Sahab came into the room to tell us the news that Asim But has taken his own life. He had already made up his own mind about why ASim has done it, and he passed his judgements in the following words

Asim Butt - no longer among us

This would not have happened if this city wasn’t suffocating him, and if there was a place where he could have channelled his energy. But this city doesnt give this chance to people.

I didn’t know him much, I cant even call him a friend. I had seen him for the first time at Arts Council when the preparation for the World Social Forum had started. And in the middle of this speech by some guy, I heard screams of “Liar, Hypocrites” and other things which I dont remember, and I turned around to see a guy dressed in black, this was my introduction to Asim Butt.

His work

He was later with me in the group People’s Resistance (PR) which was created in the wake of the emergency imposed by General Pervaiz Musharraf in November 2007. He was a very active member of the group and he made it clear through his art. It was his idea to design the logo “Eject” which became famous on the streets of Karachi. I remember protesting with him on the streets, he was always active and believed in what he was doing. I saw him every now and then and we always exchanged a hello. But we never became friends, but even despite that I respected him as an artist. And that he truly was.

I won’t say I can understand the pain his family and friends are going through. That would simply be a lie. What I can say however is that he will be missed by all. By his family, friends, colleagues, by people like me who had just met him every now and then, and especially by the Art World. We have truly lost a genius today.


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