Before becoming an Architect…

some one should tell you that this is going to be the biggest mistake that you would ever make. Maybe if you are a sadist, or a person who likes to inflict torture upon himself, then maybe you wont be so put out by this profession. Other wise, you should really think twice.You should try hitting your head against the wall a couple of times, then maybe inflict torture upon yourself, poke a hive of bees, sit under a lamp with a highest volt bulb that you can find facing you and then staying awake for 4 days. If after doing all this you think, that you are still up for the challenge, maybe because of the fact that you have hurt yourself too bad, or you just simply enjoy the adrenaline rush, then by all means go for it.

The curse of Architects

The field according to me has been too glorified and made into this fantasy that every one should pursue simply because it is so “cool”. It is the zenith of arts and engineering. THIS IS NOT TRUE. THIS IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY funded by the media, RAW, IRS, CIA, Blackwater, Freemasons and The Sadistic Association, and are now disguised as Studio teachers are taking over the world.

But seriously when you do become an architect they should tell you that this is the bumpiest of all roads but leads straight to heaven, where you will be blessed for your patience with which you endured other fellow “client” men.

I can guarantee you that every single client that you would get would make you want to hit your head against the wall a couple of times, then maybe inflict torture upon yourself, poke………! I am sure you get the picture. So far I have analyzed only three types of Architects type/trend in this country (Pakistan) that is: –

  1. The Big shot- he would usually have a lot of clients and brands in his pockets, which would also be branded. People usually come to him simply to get that label to their dream house to be. The work may or may not be good, but whatever he would throw, people would catch it without any hesitation. Therefore they don’t need worry about hit your head against the wall a couple of times, then maybe inflict torture upon yourself, poke………!
  2. The ones with the halo-  If the Big Shot is the Gucci, then they are the Barney’s. These types would usually have a name out there, and people wont crush each other to get to them. Their work is usually good, because instead of coming up with trendy philosophies for their next interview ( a favorite time pass of the Big shot) they would simply design a simply good house that works. They don’t run after the glamor and maybe that’s why people don’t usually run after them. The ones who do come crawling in are the middle class, who wants a house but doesn’t know what to want. Thus he would make him draw options after options only to reject them again and again. Their clients would never let their dreams come true in the complete sense, for he would try to get the best out of his money by making these architects to copy elements from the Big Shot and to make him stay under the budget, while the architect simply tries to make the best to not ruin his chances of getting business by designing something pathetic. Result: a man going straight to heaven.
  3. The Contractor turned Architect – They simply want to place a mass of concrete on any given space that they can get without considering the aesthetics or simply the basic principles of design. They just love not to waste space. If it was to them, they would simply throw the concept of Compulsory Open Space out of the window.

So worry not Type 1 or type  – because no matter what you design you would survive – the worst it can get for them through their design is that people start calling them “Frank Gerry” which I am sure they wont mind, and it might actually boost their business.

But if you plan to be the Type 2 or you think you have the fragments to be Type 2, then my pal, you know the drill …. Just hit your head against the wall a couple of times, then maybe inflict torture upon yourself, poke………!

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