The Old Fimiliar Blame Game!

It is always the same old story.. and things always take the same turn always..

Mustafa Kamal

no know knows why this pattern has established… no one wants to think about how we can change it… and nobody is intrigued by it anymore.

After the bomb blast on the Moharram procession, the usual game began, with everyone asking that who is to be blamed. The independent media ofcourse (over)played it’s part.

As the story started to unfold itself after the blast, one realized that it was the same pattern. All the anchors and news reporters starting saying without confirming that it is a suicide bomb blast. From all of a sudden then there were people who came from somewhere with gloves and petrol and chemicals, as if they knew this would happen and were already prepared for it. It is also important to know that this is the same pattern that was witnessed after the death of Benazir Bhutto.. mind you, only in Karachi!

Later the investigation teams starting saying that it wasnt a suicide blast but was in a fact placed inside one of the many Quran boxes placed on the road. The problem that arose due to that was

  1. Since the box was made of metal, it cant be detected with the Metal detector.
  2. The sniffing dogs only smell two hours before they are fed, which makes it very hard to make them to smell throughout the entire procession.
  3. And even if the dogs were made to smell 2 hours before their feeding time, no one would allow the dogs to sniff a box full of holy pages.

So it really did create a lot of problem. But the way this event is being handled is shameful and to be honest a disgrace. The comments and the speech made by the Shia Imam On the Shoyem was, therefore, not only compelling but also made a lot of things clear regarding the events, and thus I welcomed them throughly.

It should be asked that why is it that if the blast happened at the start of the Procession, then why is it that the looting and the burning happened much much ahead of where the blast happened and not at the back of the procession where more than half of the procession was?

Why is it that Karachi is the only place that is always a victim of this sort of looting and criminal activity after these incidents? What is the factor that makes Karachi so unique than the rest of the country?

Its about time that MQM stops playing the politics of blame and start taking responsibility. AS a mayor the responsibility of the city or at least the issues of the city are his headache and he should have made sure that every measure is taken – including security and making sure that the names of those people come forward who didn’t play their part during this crisis. It needs to be defined whose responsibility is this. And also you became a mayor to make the city better and you are doing it with our tax money so don’t pretend like you deserve all the credit. You would be criticized for all the wrongs and incompetency that you show. So get mature.

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