The Geography of Life

The question of  finding a suitor nowadays by mum or relatives or other aunties is usually followed by the “Geography” attached to it. By this I mean that the question is almost always followed by the question” Would you mind moving abroad” or “would you like the guy to be living in USA or would you prefer some where close like Dubai”. It seems that now instead of marriages being made in heaven they are now based on the significance of “Geography”.

The significance of Location in the Relationship Sphere

My answer to this question has always been “No I would like to stay in this country” and this has been a sincere but good enough way to shut those aunties up. I think the reason for them shutting up is the sheer shock and maybe a bit of amusement to the fact that some one would still want to live in this country. I don’t blame them.

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In memory of Asim Butt (1978-2010)

We were all sitting in the office, pretending to be working while sneekingly playing Facebook, when Arif Sahab came into the room to tell us the news that Asim But has taken his own life. He had already made up his own mind about why ASim has done it, and he passed his judgements in the following words

Asim Butt - no longer among us

This would not have happened if this city wasn’t suffocating him, and if there was a place where he could have channelled his energy. But this city doesnt give this chance to people.

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Haiti in News

Watching Dr. Sanjay Gupta trying to take care of a 3 day old baby in Haiti and the baby wasn’t moving much so he was trying to make her well and cry. And it was at that very moment that I realized that at times in this world there is nothing beautiful than a baby crying. Hearing that baby cry somthing inside of me triggered as I realized that that baby is opening her eyes in the wake of a devastating tragedy that might take years to overcome.

That baby needs our help. We should do whatever we can to help them out right now. Please click any of the links below to find out whatever it is that you can do:-

Before becoming an Architect…

some one should tell you that this is going to be the biggest mistake that you would ever make. Maybe if you are a sadist, or a person who likes to inflict torture upon himself, then maybe you wont be so put out by this profession. Other wise, you should really think twice.You should try hitting your head against the wall a couple of times, then maybe inflict torture upon yourself, poke a hive of bees, sit under a lamp with a highest volt bulb that you can find facing you and then staying awake for 4 days. If after doing all this you think, that you are still up for the challenge, maybe because of the fact that you have hurt yourself too bad, or you just simply enjoy the adrenaline rush, then by all means go for it.

The curse of Architects

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The Old Fimiliar Blame Game!

It is always the same old story.. and things always take the same turn always..

Mustafa Kamal

no know knows why this pattern has established… no one wants to think about how we can change it… and nobody is intrigued by it anymore.

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