Hello World

Hello all of you out there,

Let me tell you what thisblog is going to be all about.. Its going to be all about my family..

Ever been in a situation where you are in the drawing room, just listening to your family talk about one crappy topic after the other, and then aruguing about the silliest of things, that you are sure is even below the level of your 4 year old nieces and nephews, and you want to scream and explode, but you cant? 

NO.. YES.. MAYBE???!!!!

My Extended too big a family

Well i have been there far too many times, and thus this is going to be a blog where i m going to bitch about them like hell, share all of their dark secrets out here, dont bother about capitalizing anything, and basically vent out, so that i may keep my sanity the next time i am with them.

So here goes nothing..about to unveil to the world the dark secrets of a pakistani middle class family.. hope you find a glimpse of your own in here so i may less pathetic!


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