Attack on the Islamic University

Not before has any tragedy hit home to me as much as the bombing on the Islamic University. You can call me an insensitive person who has no compassion for other people’s pain. But its not that.

You see, whenever the bombing used to take place in the many girls school in Swat, I used to dismiss it as a war-zone. Of course we said that it was barbaric, and that those people should be executed and all those words of hate and anger.

A Girls School in Swat bombed off

A Girls' School in Swat bombed off

Every time it happened in Peshawar, I again dismissed it by saying well it always happened there. NO big deal. The images on the tube managed to intice me for a minute until finally something more shiny comes along.

I was there when the blast took place on the 18th of October. The bomb went off in front of me. Although the impact lasted for almost 4 days but  the fact of the matter was that it wasn’t unexpected. The loss of lives was immense, the effect on me even greater. How could that happen? How can anyone do that?

The attacks on the Islamic University for the first time scared me.. I have been scared since that day that it can happen here.. in my university. It can happen when I am taking my classes, it can happen when I am not in the university, but my friends are. They aren’t playing by the rules.. for them everything goes and we are a weak piece of humanity that has the power to do nothing.. our words, our tax money, our army, our prayers all of it is useless. Nothing can change the situation.

For the first time, i have felt weak ,helpless, depressed. i have felt that there is no hope, that we are all just trying to deceive ourselves by saying that everything would be okay. nothing will be okay.. People will keep dying, innocents lives will continue to be lost simply because some nutcracks have the power to take them at will . Because some people are playing God in the name of a God that none of us have seen.

After I heard the news on the TV, and the images starting pouring in, as our insensitive TV channels trying to out do each other, tried to talk to anyone they can find. let it be the victims or the desperate parents trying to find out about their child’s safety. I tried to put myself in the shoes of those parents. After such attacks, mostly it gets tough to get through to anyone. Maybe the lines got jammed. The parents of those students that were studying there must be trying like crazy to get through to their kids. The list of the people who had been taken to the hospital didn’t come for at least 2 hours. Those parents must have rushed to the hospital, all of them hoping that those 4 people have died none of them be a part of their family. How desperate it must have been a situation at that time. What hell those people must have gone through.

People have always killed in the name of God those people who themselves must have fought other people in the name of the same God, these terrorist kill those very people that bow in front of the very God that they are fighting for. After all of this, i sometimes really wonder what good did GOD do to any of us. Whats the point of any of it? Our words? Our fights? Our protests? Anything? Anyone???!!!


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