The Eid Issue

The one thing that is great about Pakistan is the fact that there are never any surprises.. you always know what to expect.. from the political humdrum to the price hike before Ramadan.. you can always be sure what is going to be around the corner.

And therefore the issue of the moon sighting is no surprise at all. As usual the scientist said one thing, the maulvi said one and the politicians played their part to get as much air time during this conflict as they can.

The controversy started from the sighting of the moon of Ramadan which happened a day earlier in NWFP. The zonal Ruet-i-Hilal committee sat a day earlier to sight the moon of Shawal, indicating of the fact that whether Eid would be on Sunday after 29 days of observing the month of Ramazan.

The moon was sighted, as could be expected, and the province of NWFP, wuported by the Provnicial GOvernment celebrated the Eid. This has led to a row between the Head of the Ruet-i-Hilal, Mufti Munib and several figures of ANP.

It is a shame that in a time and age of Science and technology that we live in, we have issues like these. But more than that, these things have to do a lot with the political hands that are at play in this region. There is a majority that is playing in the hands of the Saudi influence and would justify anything that the Saudi’s are doing and more so, they would think that it is okay for us to follow it too. The sighting of the moon and celebrating Eid according to it is just one of those issues.

The issue of the moon sighting always seems to be an issue only for Ramazan and then for Eid, and never for any other month.. which is shocking in itself.. and a bit disturbing.. for there has hardly been any Eid where this issue hasn’t risen causing the whole nation to question that if it would ever be possible to celebrate this day together…… Well there is always next year!

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