18 women die (unjustified) in Karachi….

As I type this, conflicting news about the number of people dead in Karachi is coming in to us. I have actually been prompted to write because of this news item.

I started writing on this topic earlier, at the start of the holy month of “Ramadan” and then I never completed it thinking that it has been said and talked about too long.. and just words can never do justice to the problem at hand. But when a problem causes 18 women (disputed number of death) to die, it becomes an issue worth speaking out about..

As soon as Ramadan approaches, you can bet your life that you would see the same old story running across every channel, desperate to sensationalize any piece of information that they can get their hand on. It is always the same drama with never any work done by the authorities or the media to stop this trend.

Right before Ramadan the authorities would say that the essentials of food would be within the reasonable price bracket so that the “awam” (people) don’t have to go through any trouble. And the same year the same story repeats itself with the crowd crying in front of any tv camera that they can find and repeating their mournful story about how the besan, cheeni, oil and all other stuff is beyond reach.

Like every other year, this Ramadan too, was no exception. We saw the usual hike in prices of food items, including Sugar, Floor, Oil, Fruits and vegetables, grams, rice.. just to name a few among a long list of items that more than half of the population of Pakistan can’t afford in the month of “Blessing”.

And therefore in the desperate attempt to get food ration that was being distributed at Kohri Garden, a locality at Karachi almost 18 women lost their lives.

We don’t have the exact scenario, but we can imagine what must have happened.. women lining up for food.. sometimes being a women in this country has its advantages…the desperate struggle to get some food items for your family, and in that struggle a riot must have been created.. resulting in this lose of life in the holy month of Ramadan…

I remember saying to my parents a few days back, that I hate the idea of some one dying in Ramadan, simply because that would mean that my Eid is spoiled and I cant dress up. Those words are eating me up right now.. my selfishness is eating me up right now… those families who lost its members today must have young children to be taken care of, and now besides having materialistic grievances they have now the loss of a family member to mourn about also.

This is a shameful story for a country that is predominantly an agricultural region that really should not have shortages of ata, or sugar. What is more shameful that this country and its country men who don’t miss any opportunity to remind the West that how holy they are and that they would not take any injustice from them, does the same injustice to its own people… How do they then expect to bring down the Western and Israeli lobbies that are ruining the Muslim faith?

Every where in the world you would find Christmas sales and discounts, but we as Muslims, who are always the first one to criticize others, stock up items and sugar in our warehouses, to create an artificial shortage, so that we can share the “blessings” of this “holy” month.

These are all words aren’t they? These are all words that are to be used to play with the minds of the people who are living in a limbo in country waiting to erupt from the very inside….. But God knows what would be that blow that would finally make it erupt.. The loss of these 18 lives….. ?yes! Maybe! Who knows ! NO??!!

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