Dawood Public School and the “controversial “course

The recent matter that has been made into a ridiculous controversy by the media is the case of Dawood Public School, Karachi.

The issue was created due to the syllabus that is being taught at the School, which contains material about human body and how it works, or to be more specific, “knowledge” about how the human reproductive system works. This has gotten a lot of criticism by 2 families, due to which their children were then expelled from the school, only to be taken later on. The name of the students include Alina Salman, Maheen Salman, Rabia Merchant and Aisha Merchant.

The more so called labeled secular media has played his part in simply ignoring the issue, while the more fundamentalist one has had a field day with it. They have only bothered showing one side of the “controversy”.

The blogs are also busy simply showing one side of the story and not much has been said about what the other side is.

An eye-witness who is also a teacher at the School had this to say about what happened, and how the parents, that have been made out to be the victims by the print media,  so far reacted.

The parents actually attacked the teachers and the students. They bought a maulvi with them and he was constantly giving fatwas. They even snatched the scarfs off the staff members, screaming that if you are teaching such sort of course then you should not be pretending to be so righteous. The mother and the female member of the families attacked the female staff and even the kids.

This is what was done by the so called righteous parents at the school and to the teacjers. Apparently all Islamic values and teachings went out of the window when they were attacking the female staff of the school.

Now to balance out the argument and tell you the other side too. Lets suppose that the school is wrong, that what they are teaching is preposterous and should be banned immediately. Okay sure. But what if tomorrow they decide to become doctors, what then? For to see things in the near-future, what if they decide to take biology as their subject in O-Levels. Now you cant expect that University of Cambridge would be changing their course for 2 families right?This is what their course includes

  • Define asexual reproduction as the process resulting in the production of genetically identical offspring from one parent.
  • Identify on diagrams of the male reproduction system and give the function of  testes, scrotum, sperm ducts, prostate gland, urethra and penis.
  • Identify on diagram of the female reproductive system and give the function of ovaries, oviducts, uterus, cervix and vagina

The course also includes study of menstruation cycle effected due to dieting, comparison of breast milk to bottle feed, and the result of birth control pills.Considering the fact that their kids would be learning this when they are in O levels, then they are only one class short. It doesn’t seem wrong then that they are learning this now.

According to the Ummat newspaper, the controversial course includes knowledge of Reproduction of animals, and birth control, which according to the newspaper, is highly inappropriate for students this age. Let me remind the editor of Ummat newspaper, that if it is so wrong for girls to leanr about these thing then it should be considered equally offensive that most of the girls do have to go through the real time experience, as either they are married off early or are the victim of abuse, and the main reason for this is always that they lack the knowledge of what is right and wrong.

And I am sure that their kids have never watched any of the birth control ads on TV with the new jazzy song that became so popular right? This controversy is just for the sake of a controversy. There is nothing concrete about it to focus and that is why the media and the fundamental groups are creating issues that aren’t even there.

The facebook group of Dawood Public School is showing tremendous support for their school, and it seems that it is only these family, who all of a sudden have become so passionate about what is right and wrong, are the one who seem to be creating any problems. Some of the post on facebook read as following:

yes guyzz we must support the skool!! it also our insult!!and i have heard there is also a protest on wed!!against the merchants!!in support of the skool!!do come 8 am sharp!!

Raise ur voices against we hapnd 2day in DPS.. gradez 9,10,11 n alumnis r goin 2 protest outsyd skul tom frm 7:40 to 11.. Col xpress newz if posibl n ask dem 2 show da oder syd f da story .. dere numbr z 02135800051-3 .. dun let ur voice remain unhea…rd .. V WANT SABRINA BAK .. .. spread diz msg 2 az many ppl az posible ..

We want Sabrina back! students plz unite! teachers n students were abused by these parents! this is not right! protest!

The School and the students should know that we are all behind them in supporting the cause. And the media should act responsibly for once by covering both sides from a neutral point of view.

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