Pakistan and the last thread of Hope!

The condition of the country is getting to a point where everything is seen either with complete hope or with that hopeless last look before hell breaks lose. Everything in this country is now viewed at an extreme angle. Either it would save the country or simply be the end of it!

The recent examples of these would be the rains in the country. It was seen as the wrath of God from which no Mustafa Kamal with his many flyovers and underpasses would be able to save this God forsaken country which was to be banished to pre-technology eras… but then God must have had mercy on his tech-can’t-live-without-it creatures. The lights at the end of the tunnel was restored as Karachi Electric Supply Company, minutes before being burned down by the angry protesters, worked fruitlessly to give the city lights for a few hours before taking it back.

House flooding despite the preparations for the Monsoon Season.

House flooding despite the preparations for the Monsoon Season.

People walk in 4 feet deep water within the city centers.

People walk in 4 feet deep water within the city centers.

Sarcasm aside, the night of the rains and the ones that followed it were taken as the last straw. What people witnessed during that week was enough to convince them that now its time to run away.

My parents who have always been great patriots…don’t be fooled by the cursing to the people and the country which follows every night religiously when they get back home after being made miserable on the roads by every other person who literary thinks that it is his birth right to break the law and go wrong way and god forbid to drive in his own lane…

I had always known that they love this country… Why else would they let some one drive them to the verge of insanity every night only to repeat that ordeal the next day…. and consider this …. they are almost 60.. so they have been doing it for a pretty pretty long time.. Thats Love for your country!

The week was filled with images of over flowing underpasses, no electricity for almost a week in most of the areas of the city, country wide protest, no running water, the infrastructure almost destroyed with the roads swept away, the ever so favourite building material of our leader Envicrete, flooding the drains and causing havoc in the city.

This all happened despite the constant assurance of our great City Nazim (Mayor) Mustafa Kamal that the city was best prepared as it can be for the monsoon season. People have now become immune to such statements and let them slip away, but it is when reality hits the common man and even then these “leaders” continue to give crap is what really ticks people off.. and that is why when the Nazim constantly claimed on TV that he simple has no reports of any havoc in the city, it was more than anyone can swallow… This really tempts me to ask Mr. Mustafa Kamal whether it was his lying skills that got him the job.

It is of course not at all surprising that people from time to time find it difficult to muster up the strength that it takes to live in a country like Pakistan, and hope for better lands and of the land of promises.. that Pakistan in no way turned out to be.

The point that I was trying to make before my rambling was that even they said finally that this country has simply no hope and I should now consider leaving it for some greener pastures… my moms idea included one more clause… getting married to a guy with a citizenship to those pastures.. so proposals are welcomed!

The second event that bought hope and took the nation to the other end of the psychological balance thus tipping the balance sharply is the recent verdict by the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding the legality of the November 3rd actions that Musharraf passed in the name of emergency in the country. The actions had resulted in country wide protest to restore the Chief Justice again. One of the most commendable action of the Supreme Court at that time had been of declaring the actions illegal, an unprecedented act that has never before been heard of in the history of the country.  This opened up doors for hope for almost all the people…. except for the few exceptions who could still dampen the spirits.

The hope factor is evident by the fact that most of the cases were asked to be taken up by the Supreme Court as suo moto by the people themselves who  started seeing the Supreme Court and more over the Chief Justice as the only savior of the country. These cases involved:-

It is cases like these and more that make it clear enough that the people of Pakistan now see the Supreme Court of Pakistan as the one place that would listen to their voice and give them justice.  With the police and other systems of the Government failing to facilitate to the people, the only becon of hope for the common people is the Supreme Court and the Superman-figure in the image of Justice Iftikhar Chaudary who defied the military regime to stand up for his rights.

Now I am a very patriotic person who can never think about leaving the country.. I have grown up here and plan to spend my life here to work for the people and the country .. I know very patriotic. So every single positive event makes me think that there is hope and that we might be able to survive as a nation and every negative incident makes me think what is it that we have done in so many years?

(NOTE: People living in the greener pastures do not give heed to this patriotic rambling… Proposal’s are still welcomed )

But the thing to be watched now is that what other incident would cause this very, very bi-polar disordered nation to tip the scales again…. will the next incident make them rush to the visa-granting-windows-to-their-dream-lands, or make them suicidal and depressive.

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