Today in News…Sudan, Iran and Pakistan!

Well, today was a weird day.. and I am not saying that just from a personal point of view. There were certain items in news that got my attention and even shocked me.

The first one was about a Sudanese journalist woman who has been sentenced to be flogged as her clothes were “degrading”. The woman, Lubna Al-Hussein was wearing jeans which were considered not appropriate and now she has been sentenced to be flogged. There are voices that have condemned this and say that this is more of a government reaction towards her articles which do tend to criticize the government at times.
Apparently the government can always find a way to make those people suffer that only want the best for the country by saying what is right and true. Incidents of these sort have always been seen around the world.

The girl who became the symbol of the Iranian Protest against the rigged elections

The girl who became the symbol of the Iranian Protest against the rigged elections

Case in point is the post-election disaster that is still continuing in Iran. Today in Iran the 40 day mourning period would end for the family and friends of Neda Aga Soltan. Protests were arranged all around the country and the program was to gather at the graves of those who died during the protest.

The spirit of the people of Iran are still high, as they now say that this is no longer just about the Elections but about all of those innocents who have died and about those who are still in the detention center, and the government needs to answer for all those.

It feels like Iran and its government are following their own desires now and not those of the people. These are the same people who had supported the Iranian Revolution and now have spoken only when they found a fault with the system, which according to me should have been considered as a omen by the Iranian Government and they should have seen to it that where is it that they were at fault and corrected it. At least this is the lesson that has been understood by the Talibans! They have in a way admitted the wrong in their way and changed the path that they followed so blindly.  This was obvious by the “Code of Conduct” that had been issued by them.

The Code says that the suicide bombs should be minimalized and innocent casualties should be kept at a minimum, weapons from people should not be taken by force, prisoners shouldn’t be exchanged for money, etc.

(Just to be clear I don’t support Taliban at all but at least due to their sudden realization about the wrong in their ways, the lose of innocent lives can be minimalized)

The reason that the news items got my attention was because it seems that the entire Muslim World is in turmoil. The very people of the Book who still boost that they got the word of the God as it was sent to them seem today to be the most lost and corrupt people on the planet.

If the case was of a single Muslim country it could have been said that its the government fault, but when you see the same scenario repeat itself all over the world, you need to ask yourself,




Iran, Sudan, Taliban, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, all of them need to see the wrong in their ways and need to appreciate the voice of their own people, who are the one who really care about the country. It is in their hearts and minds that you would find the answer to the above questions. These answers can not be found in the offices of the Ministers who have been selected, by fair, or mostly, unfair means.

Instead of trying to hide and quiten down these Neda (the word literally meaning “voice”) we need to appreciate them, welcome them, listen to them, and talk to them, create a dialouge with them. Otherwise we just need to prepare ourselves for yet another decase of unstability.

One thought on “Today in News…Sudan, Iran and Pakistan!

  1. Very well put together holygypsy.
    I agree with the point that why only the muslims are suffering all over the world. I have the same question, but to an extent i can see a reason to it: In Today’s world its highly unlikely that a person can be a Good Muslim, a humanitarian and a nationalist. Because somewhere along the line all these factors clash with each other. Being a good Muslim would require certain things that will clash with the national codes of conduct etc and would be dubbed as either being modernized or an extremist. Being a good humanitarian would require to work quite opposite to the system (frankly the people running the system aren’t HUMAN at all). So i believe its a choice between standing for your beliefs or against the system. I salute Neda and others alike for raising the voice like that. But i would like to make a point here, “Rather then ridiculing the system and suggesting improvements, how about improving yourself as a person and your environment”


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