Ahsanabad under the control of Land Mafia!

The amount of frustration that the people of Pakistan face every day is a story that is evident on every ones face.. but when people still display hope amidst all this turmoil then it is truly spectacular.

My structure teacher’s desperation, frustration was more than evident when instead of starting with the syllabus of the new semester he talked and talked about the tragedy that had hit home, but had yet to demolish his hope in this county.

He is no doubt a learned man, having worked in London, Nigeria, and Brunei-ul-Islam where he is credited with building a new construction material . He had shifted back to Pakistan and had wanted to work here. and maybe he had put his entire retirement money into this dream. He had started a new business, and had bought a plot in Ahsanabad, located near Gulshan-e-Maymar, at Super Highway.

He is the recent victim of the land grabbing mafia that is not only strong in the city but also has its own political wings, which do everything to support this illegal business and to give them protection.

This land is apparently the target of two of the most popular, rival parties of Sindh but it is nice to know that they have agreed at something and are working together. The plots right now are being sold at Rs. 2,000,00 (roughly $2500), originally sold at Rs. 20,000,00 (almost $25000).

what was worse that how people have become so immune to those stories that it doesn’t matter to them that one man’s life is being destroyed. None of the students/my class fellows were even touched by his tragedy and suffering and instead he was faced with ridicule, and jokes about his condition.

Are we really so immune to these stories that they dont matter to us or is it that we just dont care? Do we all hope to get an american visa and run out of teh country and therefore its problems dont bother us anymore? Does this country really has a future left?????

12 thoughts on “Ahsanabad under the control of Land Mafia!

  1. Hello,

    Am unable to find your name with the post so I would call you a good sensitive student (GSS).
    GSS can you please give me the contact info of your teacher who has been affected by the land mafia encroachments at Ahsanabad. I too happen to be one of the affectees and now I look forward to escalate this matter as you can very well feel that one can not just let go of his / her hard earned equity to the hands of some looters.

    Furhter more to the ridicule ppl came up with in response to your teacher’s condition, actually at a certain age one does not realize the realities of life. The more you get along in life and are exposed to realities and experiences, you start having an sense of compasion for the other persons conditions and circumstances. Its just that.

    May Allah bless us and save us all from all clamaties.


  2. Its all going for a long. however I have come see the comments on website now. Yes I also have a plot in phase V. my story is quite similar to the teacher. I had a wish to go back to pakistan and live peacefully in my own home.

  3. Hi, These posts seems to be quite old, but still i will post here in hope.
    I was a victim as well, and just recently found that houses have been in construction, on and
    surrounding land of my plot.
    Do we know if some efforts will happen about this, and some one will take some action to
    get these lands back ?

    Jazak Allah

    • Yes Kashif, Thanks for commenting on the post, which you are right, is pretty old! The last I knew some of the residents of the area were working and were even filing a case against the Land Mafia. But I am sorry I really don’t know the latest details!

  4. I am a civil servant and also one of the affectees of land mafia in Ahsanabad. The land mafia in Ahsanabad has full support of political parties and the administration is powerless to take any action against them. The case has been lodged in the High Court but in this country unfortunately the justice is delayed to such an extent that affectees lost any hope for their better future. Anyway efforts are being taken but we have to wait for better times.

    • I agree with you that to keep hope within one self and in the system around us, is indeed very grave a challenge but then it is hope which makes us keep the fight up! I sincerely wish that things would be sorted out there!

  5. Advice for all those victims. Please dont pin any hopes now that your land will be retrieved from the illegal occupation since the whole area has now been developed by those people who had bought the land from the bogus so-called “Allahbux Village” society.The entire scam was executed with the collusion of the owner of Ahsanabad Society, police , judiciary and various political organization( primarily MQM) and needless to say I am also one of the victim of this scam. Pinning hopes at this stage would be tantamount to living in fool’s paradise. Its time to move on …. Think as if this place never came into our ownership

    • This is a really sad state, I mean there are many people who put in their lives saving in to such schemes and then they are deprived of it. I thought that some action is being taken against it by those who have bought plots there? Is that not happening?

  6. dear holygypsy
    i have visited that area in the month of Jan 13 ……. as tthe customer there. they seen me such a powerful documents of their land that i just astonished to see that land documents….i think sheikh is right its the collusion of owner of ahsanabad and the real owners of land ” brohoi:…. all take their parts to make allahbux barohi village

  7. My leased plot in sector 2 Ahsanabad was also sold by qabza mafia is there any one who can help me to get my plot back ?? no one because this qabza mafia belongs with political parties and they have shelter from political parties if yes contact me at my number 0333-3267182

  8. I bought a 200 yard plot in Ahsanabad sector 2 in 2009 and right after 2 months, it was occupied by land grabbers. I a poor woman and spent all my saving. I curse the rulers and land grabbers. Yes I have strong hope that one day I will be watching these people burning in high flames. Allah tu in ko gaarat kar day… in ko iss dunya mein hi saza day… aameen

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