Areeb Azhar and the Party with a beginning, the middle and A HELL OF AN END!

Ever seen a duet of a thunder storm and Sufi Music…live in action! Then yesterday was THE night and most of the people missed their chance to do so!

Yesterday night, the date better known as the 18th of July 2009 was rocked away by Areeb Azhar, in a party that had the most amazing, adventurous ending that any one in Karachi could ever had anticipated.

The crowd who didnt give in to a little rain

The crowd who didnt give in to a little rain

The party began with the long wait for people to show up, as the torrential rains of Karachi presented themselves as yet one more challenge for the Department of Visual Studies (DOVS) Alumni committee, who had organized a 10 year celebration concert for the under-grads.

The wait for the concert, which was due to start at 7, extended till 8.. the rain won the first round! Most of the people succumbed to the rain and never showed up, as a huge hall waited for more people.

Second round of the evening- or as i like to call it the middle- began with the

Sherayar sets the bluesy tempo for the evening

Sherayar sets the bluesy tempo for the evening

concert starting finally at 8…and the crowds enjoyed every minute of the “middle” which rocked till 10:30. The concert included two performances..The first one was by Shehrayar. It was basically a bluesy,mellow performance, and set the tempo for a calm, serene evening.

And the second performance was by Areeb Azhar.. And at that moment it actually felt that his voice was the thunder in the sky! The rain lashed against the windows and his voice carried on and on, singing about the Gods that be, and the people who lost themselves in him, he sang of other worlds and places, of others stories and sacrifices, and the crowd cheered on and on.. I think at that moment none of them could have cared more about the rain that was drowning the city in his wrath. It was moment in which things stand still and all you can feel is the music and your own existence being wrapped up with the nature.. it was describable.

The best part of the "MIDDLE"

The best part of the "MIDDLE"

He sang, accompanied on the drum by Yasir and on the guitar by Shani, Bullah Shah, John Lenin, and other Sufi Kalams(poems) …. his strong voice it felt challenged the Gods enough to send in their own competition in the form of the rain and the thunder and then the duet started.. OHH.. and what a duet.. ! Amazing night and an amazing performance!

The awesome drummer

The awesome drummer

The “END” was the end of the concert and then facing the rain.. and did we all face it .. and took it as a challenge.. nothing could have defied the spirits of the people at the moment..the party rocked and the way back rocked all the same! People rolled up their sleeves and pants, put their shoes in their bags, Splashing water, waiting out the rain, pushing cars to make them

Shani and his amazing guitar performance

Shani and his amazing guitar performance

start, and simply went out….. But some how everything seemed perfect last night!

The company, the music, friends, weather, the rain, the clouds, the disasters, the thunder, having no clue on how to go home, finding the ride, getting home in the water filled roads.. everything was perfect!


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